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Welcome to Friday in a week that felt like I accomplished absolutely nothing but the minimum. Although I did manage to get proselytized by someone in the arts and crafts section in Walmart while I was trying to buy a paintbrush.

So that was fun.

I started a new blog series that I am scared might be more than I can handle. It’s about dressing the different body shapes.

It begins with the rectangle body shape because that is the one that I have the most experience with, but I will move on to the other main shapes weekly (hopefully). It depends on how they come together for me, so be on the lookout for them.

I am developing Christmas anxiety because I feel like I am running out of time. I don’t know how you last minute shoppers do it.

I ran out of laundry detergent and don’t want to go down to buy some tonight, so I am thankful that I am a sample collector because I have a few detergent samples up in the cupboard that will get me through this last wash.

Now I am watching the new season of Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural on Youtube. The first episode is the house from The Conjuring movies. I’m sure I will sleep well tonight.

Fun fact: Roo wants a Raggedy Ann doll like the original Annabelle. Good times.

Weekly Reads and Some Videos:

In 19th-Century Gibraltar, Survivors of a Deadly Virus Used ‘Fever Passes’ to Prove Their Immunity

When People Carved Turnips Instead of Pumpkins for Halloween

A History of Bottega Veneta Handbags

My90stv…Have fun with this.

A World of Languages. I love infographics.

New blockbuster Design Museum exhibition ushers in the “waste age”.

A 110-Year-Old Book Illustrated with Photos of Kittens & Cats Taught Kids How to Read. My youngest would have benefitted from this.

I love Stanley Tucci’s cooking videos.

The Art of Not Taking Things Personally

Jimmy and Chris Stapleton perform a song about getting cozy on the couch and watching films by Nancy Meyers.

Stay safe.

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Sara is the founder and creative behind livelovesara. A George Brown College Fashion Styling Graduate, she provides advice on finding your personal style regardless of age and budget. She is always on the hunt for the perfect wardrobe piece and is a vintage and thrifting enthusiast who can't wait to share her newest finds. She is also trying to learn French.


  1. Big fan here sending countless thank you’s for your looks, detective work, wit and overall talent, Sara!

    Fingers crossed you’ll dress a pear next and possibly include finds for said pears. I feel guilty asking but I’m happy to represent my part of the collective.

    • Thanks so much Paula, I appreciate it 🙂 from the emails and DM’s I’ve received it seems that the general consensus of next body shape is pear (triangle). I’ll try to start that this weekend. I’m trying to practice what my school classes are teaching me so bear with me if it takes longer than usual 😂

    • F* me, I love that Kurt Geiger bag! Just spent way too much time oogling them all on the Nordstrom website. Reminds me of the 90s when I wore rainbows almost exclusively…ahh the rave times of the west coast…anyway, new to your blog and loving your packing lists Sara. Xo Amber in BC

      • Right?! It’s gorgeous. I have a thing for handbags and had to reign in the impulse to buy it. I loved the 90s and am so happy to see its revival.

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