What I Wore This Week

A Woman is wearing a black slip dress with a Paloma Wool Sweater over the top, and white Golden Goose Sneakers.
A woman is wearing an Oversized grey cardigan from Everlane, faux leather pants, Miu Miu flats, and an Everlane tote.
A woman is wearing a vintage coat, black sweater dress, faux leather leggings, white Golden Goose Sneakers, and an Everlane Tote.
A woman is wearing wide leg trousers, an oversized sweatshirt, and blue Vejas.

Outfit 1 – Slip Dress | Paloma Wool Sweater | Sneakers |
Outfit 2 – Grey Cardigan | Leather Trousers | Miu Miu Flats | Tote |
Outfit 3 – Vintage Coat | Sweater dress | Leggings | Sneakers | Tote |
Outfit 4 – Nirvana Sweatshirt | Trousers | Vejas |


In the year 2000, I bought a coat. It was knee-length, brown corduroy with a large faux fur collar. I loved that coat. I wore it everywhere for years.

Even though it wasn’t winter weather appropriate I wore it anyway.

I wore it so much that the fur started to turn pink from the wash-out pink streaks I used to put in my hair.

Then sometime in the mid 2000’s it disappeared.

Some of that time period is a blur to me because I went from a single party girl to married mother in a really short span of time.

I think it was a lot for my brain to deal with so it kind of shut down while I navigated on autopilot for quite a long time.

At some point during that transitional period, I believe it became a victim of a purge that I did in a weird emotional closet cleanout.

Ever since then I have missed the shit out of that coat. It was one of my main purging regrets.

Last week it was brought back into my life for $30.

Not the exact same coat, but one of such a similarity that it felt right.

You can see it above.

This one is vintage whereas the other one was not…although it would be considered vintage now which is a scary thought.

And this one is more orange than brown, with a suede body vs corduroy.

The soul of the coat is back though and I am glad to see her again.

Do you have any closet purging regrets?

Stay safe.

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