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I brought the girls out today because they needed a good dose of vitamin D. We then stopped at the mall to pick up some things that I needed from a few stores. 

The mall that we often go to has a new atm cake machine which is fun. It has 6 or 7 different types of cakes and you just pick via a touch screen and it collects your slices for you and opens a window to deliver them. 

Tom went back to work today for a shift. He has another one tomorrow and he came home totally wiped. I guess you get accustomed to not doing anything for 4 months and it takes a bit to get back into the groove. 

My new phone finally arrived and I am trying to get used to it. I hate the break-in/adjustment period of trying to figure out how to do things the new way. I forgot to buy a case and now I am paranoid that I am going to drop it before I get one because that is my luck. 

Now I have to go to bed because being around a lot of people tires me immensely. I was at the mall for maybe 1.5 hours and I am exhausted.

That is the bane of being an introvert.

Have a great weekend…which seems weird to say because I thought today was Monday.

Stay Safe.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

The girl who draws these is only in 8th grade.

88 Actor Princess Bride Supercut. This is so good.

10 easy Science Experiments from home that Will Amaze Kids.

You can rent one of Jane Austen’s houses on Airbnb. That would be awesome.

Golden Girls Granny Panties. I kind of dig these.

I really love these medieval covers, and this is one of my favourite songs.

Banksy Strikes Again.

Detailed Flowcharts That Japanese Aquariums Use to Illustrates The Complex Relationships of Their Penguins.

These masks are hilarious.

Window Swap. I think that I am going to keep this tab open on my desktop and keep switching up my view.

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