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I had a weird realization this week that I mentioned on my Instagram, and even did a poll about to see if it was a majority misconception. Apparently people thought I was a lot taller than I am. I’m not sure if it is a proportion thing (I have long arms), or if it is just because I photograph tall.

Whatever the reason 86% of the people on the poll thought that I was way taller than my 5’3″ (I may be 5’3″ and a bit extra). Some even messaged me to say they thought I was 5’9″ or 6ft. That baffles my mind because I’m not even close to either of those even with heels on.

So if you are surprised to hear that I am on the shorter side, just know that you apparently aren’t alone 😉

Just for today Anthropologie has 20% off everything for Anthroperks members. I really love this long cardigan, this wrap blouse, and this tweed poncho. Sigh. Why is Anthro so expensive?

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Scheele’s Green, the colour of fake foliage and death.

Lesser Known Love Languages. Mine would be bringing the cat.

Merle and I may try to make one of these this weekend. 

Try this simple trick to reduce your screen time.

Miniature Worlds

“Murder House Flip” which is like “Fixer upper” for true crime fans.

Treasures in the Trash

The Creepy 13th-Century Melody that Shows Up in Movies Again and Again. The “Dies Irae”

Eat like a English Peasant with This Medieval Cookbook. And how healthy was Medieval food? I may want to get that cookbook after watching some of those cooking videos. 

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