What I wore This Week

What I wore. I am wearing blue skinny jeans, a blue fuzzy sweater, a vintage denim jacket, layered under a long brown wool overcoat, and adidas. #livelovesara

What I wore. I am wearing brown wool trousers, a vintage Kiss band t-shirt, a long brown wool overcoat, and black booties. #livelovesara

What I wore. I am wearing casual trousers with a green side stripe, a black fuzzy sweater, a moto jacket, and vintage green New Balance Sneakers. #livelovesara

What I wore. I am wearing wide leg cropped jeans, a brown sweater, a moto jacket, and black booties with a large woven tote bag. #livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Jeans | Jean Jacket | Shoes | Coat | Purse | Pin
Outfit 2 – T-shirt (old) | Pants (old) | Coat | Boots | Purse | Pin |
Outfit 3 – Sweater | Jacket | Trousers (old ) | Shoes (vintage) |
Outfit 4 –Wrap Sweater (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Jacket | Bag (similar but this year’s style is here) | Boots


March Break for the local schools is this week and I haven’t yet decided if we are going to take it off.

That’s one of the things that I like about homeschooling. You can do your own schedule at any time of the year. We take of a day here and there without worry, and we had a light week a few weeks back due to sickness so we may just keep on trucking.

Now that spring actually feels like it’s on it way we’ll be able to spend longer periods of time outside just aimlessly wandering. It’s been so cold lately that we just rush from point A to point B to get whatever task needs to be accomplished. We like to just walk for the sale of walking before it gets so hot we hibernate once again 😉

We ended up doing a late day trip to Vaughan Mills outlet mall. It was only open until 7 and we made it there around 5:30, so we didn’t get to really walk around leisurely and check out all the stores. I did end up going to the Vans Outlet and found a pair of classic slip-ons but they are a brown and black calfhair checkerboard. Right up my alley. The shoes were buy one sale shoe and get another sale shoe for 50% off, so Roo ended up with a pair of classic era deck shoes because her feet grew like a weed and she now wears the same size shoe as me :/ 

I was also hoping to find a pair of the classic slip ons for Merle but they didn’t have them in the black and white. They had lots of other cute styles, but she is super particular with what she likes. The b&w checks all her boxes. 

I’ve had a lot of shopping successes lately. Maybe it’s because spring is in the air and I am inspired for the new season. Whatever it is, it is a nice change. 

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  1. LOVE your coat!!! What size are you wearing? I found a couple on Poshmark and wish I could try them on.

    • I’m wearing a small. I was going to go down a size but I like the room for layering bulky sweaters and lighter jackets underneath 🙂

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