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I made the jump this week and actually went in to the Levi’s store. Lately is is a complete failure every time I order jeans online and I have returned every single pair. I thought I would give Levi’s a shot and I am glad that I did. 

I tried on 5 different styles and actually liked all five which absolutely never happens. I narrowed it down to two of my favourites only to find out the didn’t have the size in one (I wanted to try the size down) nor the wash I wanted in the other, so I ended up leaving empty-handed but optimistic.

When we got back home I searched online and found the pair that I was looking for and I ordered them. The style that I liked best was the Wedgie Icon which is the traditional 90s version. They also have a Wedgie straight which has a wider leg that is also good. After some deliberation and asking Tom’s opinion I ordered the second pair which is the 501 Taper.

After months of jean failures I actually bought two pairs in one day. And while I kind of cringed at the cost I know that I will get a lot of wear out of both, so I am pleased. 

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

This “129 Ways to Get A Husband” Article From 1958 Shows How Much The World Has Changed.

Story Time From Space. Where you can watch astronauts read popular kids books from space. How awesome is that? 

11-Year-Old Boy Lands Book Deal About Crocheting After His Creations Go Viral.

Ouisi: The Photo Connection Game That Ignites Wonder. This game looks awesome. I love Kickstarter games.

People Getting Stabbed In Medieval Art Who Just Don’t Give a Damn. This made me laugh. 

Villagers Knit Jumpers for Indian Elephants to Protect the Large Animals from Near-Freezing Temperatures.  

The Medieval Masterpiece The Book of Kells is Now Digitized and Put Online.

If you want a good laugh. People Share Their Brainfart Moments Where They Failed to Remember a Basic Word.

Ikea’s new curtains purify the air in your house.

“Stay Free: The Story of The Clash” Narrated by Public Enemy’s Chuck D: A New Spotify Podcast

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  1. Another great post! The 11 year old link is pointing to the elephant story.

    • Thanks! I probably shouldn’t watch tv while writing posts 😂 I just fixed it.

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