What I Wore This Week

What I wore. A kimono wrap shirt, with boyfriend jeans,and Sam Edelman Loafers.

What I wore. black turtleneck sweater, with wide leg jeans, a leather jacket, and Everlane Day Heels.

What I wore. black turtleneck sweater, with skinny jeans, a large knit yellow cardigan, and Adidas.

What I wore. A brown fuzzy sweater, with an oversized menswear coat, leather leggings, and black Adidas.

Outfit 1 – Kimono Shirt | Jeans | Woven Bag | Shoes |
Outfit 2 – Turtleneck | Jacket | Jeans (similar) | Purse | Shoes |
Outfit 3 – Turtleneck | Cardigan (old) (similar here and here) | Jeans | Purse | Shoes |
Outfit 4 – Sweater | Coat (Old similar) | Leggings | Woven Purse | Shoes |


It was pumpkin carving  and seed roasting night so I had trying to finish this post while the girls were scraping seeds and fighting. Kids will fight over anything and everything :/ We did our last trip of the season to Spirit Halloween today and I am totally ready to embrace Christmas now. Bring on the tree and decorations. The time between Halloween and New Years is my most absolute favourite time and of the year.

While we were also out picking up a few things today Tom found these. They are the ugliest and creepiest things ever so of course he bought three of them. One for each of the girls and one for himself. This one looks like it is ready to swallow your soul (and his name is Mr. Buttons which makes him even creepier).

I have once again been trying to make better eating choices, so when I was picking up milk from the corner store tonight (because I forgot to get it earlier), I kept gravitating to the pop section because I was really craving it. I ended up just buying grape juice and tonic water to make my own carbonated drink and it actually satisfies the craving which surprised me. I think I was just looking for something fizzy and it hit the spot.

It’s freezing in our apartment right now but I refuse to turn on the heat until at least November so it’s sweaters, leggings, slippers, and blankets all the time. Which is actually super cozy, and it’s really nice to sleep in with a cool breeze coming in. I sleep so much better in the cool air.

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