What I Wore This Week

I am wearing a black maxi dress, Adidas superstars, a large circle purse, and vintage Raybans

I am wearing a black tank, side striped trousers, checked vans, and a vintage fedora

I am wearing a Rebel Rebel t-shirt , jeans sorts, a long kimono, and Madewell Boardwalk sandals

I wearing a t-shirt dress, Zara blazer, a small circle purse, and Madewell Boardwalk sandals

Outfit 1 – Black Sundress (similar) | Purse | Watch | Sneakers |
Outfit 2 – Tank | Trousers | Hat | Purse | Watch | Sunglasses | Vans |
Outfit 3 – Rebel Rebel Tee | Shorts | Kimono (similar) | Sunglasses | Purse | Watch | Sandals |
Outfit 4 – Yellow Dress (similar) | Blazer (similar) | Purse | Sandals |


I’m having one of those, “how many times can I ask the kids to do something before I lose my shit” kind of days. Seriously though, I don’t get it. They are their own worst enemies and then they wonder why I am getting mad. There are a couple of things that I wish I could have a redo for in life. One: I wish we would have instilled the less is more mantra with the kids toys/belongings starting way back when Roo was a baby.  Two: I wish I made them start doing chores at a young age, along with properly picking up after themselves. I got pregnant with Merle when Roo was 5 and up until that time is was easier to pick up after everyone at night when they were sleeping. Then Merle comes along and everything goes to hell in a hand basket. Kids messes seemed to be intensified by 1000, along with all the other house type things. I was having a really hard time adjusting to two kids at that time, and top it off with Merle not wanting to ever go to sleep at night through her whole 7 years of existing, and you have a recipe for disaster. We got in to some really bad habits that I find I am still trying to break them. So my words of advice to those of you without children yet or those that have really young kids, is start instilling these habits and expectations EARLY it will make life easier later.

Today was a thrift day. Not just a shopping day but also a drop off day. It was nice to get the little pile that has built up in the front hall cleaned out. I am trying to find a pink tweed style blazer/light coat for Merle’s costume, and I am not sure how easy that is going to be. I hope that if I hit up the thrift stores every week I should come across something that will work. After much scouring I did manage to find a pair of blue tights. I went to every place that I could think of that might sell some colourful tights and there were none to be found. I ended up finding a pair at the WE LOVE COLORS website. I picked the microfibre footed tights in turquoise. I wanted something a little thicker since it tends to get cold here around Halloween, and that shade of blue seemed like it may be the perfect match (it’s less turquoise and more blue/grey). I also found some striped socks (the pair on the far right) that are going to work for 40% off at Gap. I just need to cut the toe off and make them in to leg warmers so they are tall enough. In case you have no idea what her costume is going to be, this is it here.

Tomorrow is my 14th wedding anniversary. It’s Crazy.

I am sending out an SOS for good things to watch because I was so desperate last night I watched The Twilight series :/ 

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  1. Hi Sara! I can totally relate to the bad habit problem. I guess we would all do some things differently if there were a second time around. Have a great wedding anniversary! Our 14th wedding anniversary is on the 24th of this month. ☺ Shows I’m loving right now: Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, Good Girls. But of course here in Germany we’re always a bit behind on those US shows. 😉 Nina

    • Thanks Nina, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one that has some regrets. Also thanks for the show recommendations, I just started on Good Girls. The Canadian Netflix here is also behind the US version. I hate having to pay the same price for 1/4 of the shows but I guess I can’t complain too much. I hope you and your husband have a great 14th as well 🙂


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