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My husband bought the girls the NES Classic Edition when it came out last year. He did the “wait in line early the day is was released” thing, to make sure he was able to get one. The girls decided that they like Super Mario 3 the best from the games and it is super painful to watch them play. It tests my patience so much to watch them when all I want to do is grab the controller and show them how it’s done, because when I was young I used to kick ass at that game šŸ˜‰ They were playing a tournament tonight and I had to avert my eyes so they didn’t drive me crazy.

Today/tonight I have part two – outfit options to theĀ What to pack for 5 Days in New York City packing list. As one of the world’s top vacation destinations it is a popular request for me. The requests vary anywhere from 3 days to a week, so I averaged it out and made a list for 5 days. This wouldn’t be the wardrobe that you bring in the middle of summer but you could easily follow the same format with more summery pieces.

If you don’t liked heeled shoes/boots (admittedly most of us do not, but I like a kitten heel) then go for more of a chelsea boots style or whatever is in your comfort zone. Sneakers are always a great choice for a comfortable walking shoe since New York vacations usually entail a lot of walking. Go for a pair in a fun colour like pink, red, or blue, and it will add some colour and variation to your mix and match wardrobe.

I’m wrapping up the television show Life on Mars tonight (US version) then I am starting Life of Mars the UK version because I heard that it isĀ even better. I finished Pan-Am last week. Seriously, why did they cancel that?Ā  So I think I have a theme going for shows that take place in past decades. I’m going to have to dig for more.

What is your favourite thing to watch right now?Ā 

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