Spring Wardrobe Breakdown – Where I Stand Currently

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White T-shirt (similar)| Black Top | Band Tee | Graphic Tee (similar)
Kimono Top (similar) | Black Sweater | Favourite Pullover (similar)| Blazer (similar)
T-shirt Dress | Leather Jacket (similar) | Distressed Jeans | Denim (similar) | Grey Denim
Sandals | Slip-ons | Converse | Booties (similar) | Moto Boots | Rainboots
*A lot of these items I have had for several years so they are no longer in stock. I posted items similar items in the same price range when necessary. 

Epiphanies can happen in the most awkward ways. I was walking through the mall with the kids last week and felt my underwear slowly creeping down. The middle of the small isn’t really a place where you want that to happen but it made me realize that regardless of how much thought I put in to my wardrobe, I really neglect the bra/underwear department. I need to remedy that. After spending many months pulling up the straps of once well-fitting but now stretched out bras I caved and bought another one (I really need several more but one was a good start). I also need to pitch every single pair of underwear and buy everything new because it’s not a good situation.

I mentioned several posts ago that I am not really sure which direction I am going with my wardrobe. I have done capsules for the past several seasons but my goal is to develop a year-long fluid and cohesive wardrobe by slowly replacing many current items with better quality pieces. It’s going to be a slow process as we all know these things shouldn’t be rushed but I found two things on ASOS that I think will work nicely. A t-shirt dress by Weekday and an oversized kimono t-shirt. I am excited to see how they will integrate in my wardrobe. I was going through what I have and making note of the pieces that I know will be kept for another season, because let’s face it no matter how much you would love to get rid of you entire wardrobe and start from scratch that is just not possible. Above are the pieces that have made the cut along with the two new pieces.

I know that I just have jeans on the list (I am debating over my black pants) and all my shoes are black except one (so I need some colour), but what do you think so far?

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  1. I love your wardrobe! I am just starting the process of downsizing everything. I’m starting with the rest of the house, but I have been buying jeans, tees, and even a couple sweaters because I know I needed them. I’m hoping at Old Navy and their clothes seems to wear well. the only thing I haven’t found is a nice midi length black dress that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I’ve lost a lot of weight so finding things that fit with my new “fluffy” shape is harder. Rib-knit isn’t pretty.. lol
    I’m getting pieces that are purple (my fav color), aqua/seaglass, and grey/silver for my color. I’m not sure what I’m going to do as far as shoes because I like black. LOL Maybe find socks & boot cuffs that you like for the pops of color.

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