Pre Spring Wardrobe Evaluation – Capsule Process

Spring is here and I just retired my winter coat back into the deep darks of the front closet. Let’s hope I don’t have to dig it out again and the weather is actually not messing with me. With spring right around the corner this would be the time I would be putting out my newest “capsule” wardrobe for the season. But I am not there yet. The first capsule I put out was built entirely from items that had been in my closet for years. We went through many years of being broke and replenishing my wardrobe each season just wasn’t an option so I made do with what I had and what I had worked for me at that time. Last season I added a few things and replaced some worn items. This year I am trying to go about it a little differently.

In my capsule revelations post I talked about what brought me to the point of wanting a smaller, but more substantial wardrobe. I achieved the smaller but now I need to figure out how to build the best wardrobe (more substantial) I can on a relatively small budget that reflects both me and my lifestyle. I am a SAHM so my wardrobe needs are not going to be the same as a working mom. But I do always include dress up and business like clothing because I feel every wardrobe needs to give you options for every dressing scenario. I have purchased a few items over the last few months that I know will last and stick around for a while but other items I have I am realizing aren’t really working for me. There are also some holes that I need to fill and I know it will be a longer process to get them filled but I don’t want to rush it. I want to make sure that I am choosing the right pieces not just temporary ones.

Many people in the blogger universe have started making the slow switch to shopping ethically. This is something that I admire a lot and long-term I would like to not just see me going that direction but most people making more ethical shopping choices when possible. Below are a list of some ethical companies to shop from if you are interested in going that route. There are so many more options out there now and a little googling will tell you whether or not your favourite shops fall under that category. When in doubt you can always shop vintage which is an extremely ethical choice.

  1. Everlane
  2. BeGood
  3. Style Saint
  4. Alternative Apparel
  5. People Tree
  6. Ecohabitude
  7. Eileen Fisher
  8. Asos Greenroom
  9. Boden
  10. Faire Collection – jewellery

Now for some of the holes I need to fill in my current wardrobe. I am noticing that some sweaters are getting worn out, t-shirts have holes, several of my tank tops are not looking new or fresh anymore and as basics these pieces need to look nice not worn out. I want a really high quality pullover sweater to replace my current favourite, maybe two in different neutrals (black and grey?) and a cardigan because I noticed I only really have a leopard print one left after a purge. A boyfriend style cardigan might be nice. I would like to buy a Cuyana Cape in one of the three colours they offer (I mention this all the time but I really intend to. It’s one of those classic pieces that I am saving for). A nice pair of dark denim, and some girlfriend jeans (boyfriend style didn’t seem to work for me). A belt, it’s weird but I don’t actually have a belt. I have a leather obi style but not an actual belt I can wear with jeans. I need a new hat (not sure what colour), leather jacket (I am looking for “the one”), some low converse (I only have high tops but I usually find my converse second-hand) and a kicky pair of summer shoes since I only have one pair of sandals. Maybe some colourful flats also since 99% of my footwear is black. For spring and summer  I would like to have a breezy maxi dress or two, a little black dress that can be both casual and dressy, a white button down (I was shocked to realize I didn’t have one), a striped long sleeve, the perfect white tee, and one in grey, and black. The same for tanks. I also need a pair of black pants, a boho peasant blouse, a 90’s floral grunge dress, striped dress, and some wide leg pants.

It seems like a lot and it is. So I guess these are more longterm goals vs getting everything quickly now for the new season or a new “capsule”. There  is no way I could go out and buy each of these pieces today brand new. I might be able to find some of them second-hand, but again probably not in the exact style I am looking for. So buying them all now isn’t realistic for me or for most people. The thought behind this was discovering what I feel was missing from my wardrobe and to get it out on paper (or online) so I can now begin the process of filling these holes. I plan to go through my current wardrobe again and purge more because there are some glaring pieces that I know have no business being in my closet anymore that I just wasn’t ready to part with last year. So as it stands my current spring/summer “capsule” wardrobe is a work in  progress to hopefully evolve into a year-long wardrobe not just seasonal.

I have compiled some general ideas of what I am looking for in style and quality for my new pieces. I have included some of them below.
*I received an email today about the fact that I mentioned shopping ethically and then mentioned wanting some items that aren’t deemed ethical in my wish list (leather items and cuyana cape which is made from alpaca wool). I wanted to respond to that by saying that I mentioned ethically shopping as a long term goal not something that I was pursuing as an all or nothing cause right now. It would be a life change and realistically I am working one thing at a time. I mentioned ethical shopping to bring it to the forefront so that people who may not be aware of what it is will know about alternative options. I am a work in progress just like it will/would be to attain a 100% ethical wardrobe. Thank you for the message and allowing me to clarify things.

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Spring Capsule List #capsulewardrobe #wishlist #spring #summer1.T-shirts – white, grey, black | 2. Cuyana Cape | 3. Everlane E1 Tunic Sweater
4. Joe’s Jeans dark Denim | 5. Free People Always Dreamin Dress 
6. Boyfriend Blouse J.Crew | 7. Tanks Black Everlane Silk cami, Grey, White
8. Suede Belt | 9. Free People Mont Blanc Sandal | 10. Gap Girlfriend Jeans
11. Floral Dress | 12. Madewell Red D’orsay Flats | 13. Topshop Striped Tee
14. Ale by Alessandra Gaucho Hat | 15. Free People Marrakesh Dress
16. Free People Lace Up Blouse | 17. Just Female Ava Dress


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