What I Wore This Week

What I Wore This Week

*I know the days of the week are in the wrong order but the last picture was too big to fit with the rest.
Monday: Band Tee | Kimono Top (similar) | Jeans | Booties (similar)
Tuesday: Dolman Sweater (similar) | Distressed Jeans | Booties (similar)
Wednesday: Dress (similar) | Leather Jacket (similar) | Purse | Vans
Thursday: Band Tee | Distressed Jeans | Vans
Friday: Yoga Pants (similar minus the rips and holes) | T-shirt (similar)

I don’t think I have ever really given a breakdown of what I wear each week because I am totally not consistent with taking pictures. After someone on Instagram asked me to post more of what I wear each day I thought that I would make sure to take a picture of everything I wore for the last week (or 5 days because I didn’t get the weekend). These are crappy in-my-bedroom shots but they give the general idea of what I wore. You can see that Thursday was very casual with my torn yoga pants and sleeveless vintage Police Band Tee but the weather was miserable and I wasn’t going anywhere. The weather was weird this week with some freezing rain and cooler temperatures and I inappropriately wore a dress one day but shit happens 😉

I pretty much alternated between two pairs of jeans this week and wore the same shirt twice but in two different ways. Monday I wore it layered under my favourite Madewell Kimono shirt and Friday (today) I wore it again knotted at the waist casually because I was cleaning the girls’ room. This is a general idea of my mommy wear. Sometimes it is dressier and sometimes I wear yoga pants all day.

On a side note I got some cute things in the mail for the girls today. I started buying some spring/summer clothes for them but unfortunately I have to send back two pairs of pants for my skinny minnie 11-year-old. She is so long and lanky it is hard to get things to fit properly so I thought I was take a gamble since Old Navy was having a big sale but I struck out. I did get some cute culottes, a romper, and a lightweight pullover for Merle though. She is soooo much easier to shop for.  My intention was to keep her having a seasonal capsule because it seems to work well for her. I really, really need to get Roo (11-year-old) to agree to it too so we can purge her closet. There is so much extra crap in there that never gets worn. I am literally scared to walk in her closet because it is so full and messy things fall if you just look at them. Wish me luck in convincing her. I will post Merle’s capsule when we have finished it.

Does anyone have any brand  recommendations for tweens who are very slim but long limbed?

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  1. I have a very skinny 11, nearly 12 year old and I find any French or Spanish owned brands come up very skinny. So Zara kids or Mango kids fit well. We live in the UK and La Redoute’s Rteen range is great, but not sure if it’s available where you live. Also have you ever tried Bodens Johnnie B teen range, it’s expensive but they do constant discount codes and the sales are great.
    I love your blog and your style.

    • Zara! Yes. I completely forgot about them for kids jeans. I have one about a block away so I am going to bring her in to try some on. I’ll look online at Boden and Mango too. Thank you so much!

  2. I have boys but my friends with girls would second Zara and Mango- and Forever 21. With Forever 21 they say you have to “watch what your picking out” but that the jeans and dresses can be worth it, and seem to fit their slim yet tall kiddos. Good luck! And I second Ardith- I love your style!

    • We have a Forever 21 close buy that has a kids section so I will take her over to check it out. Thanks so much!

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