What to Wear in Istanbul, Turkey

What to Wear in Istabul, Turkey #travellight #packinglight #travel #traveltips

1. Pullover | Jeans | Sunglasses | Purse | Ankle Boots
2. Black Blouse | Black Pants | Watch | Scarf | Clutch | Flats
3. Print Top | Skirt | Coat | Clutch | Heels
4. White Tee | Jeans | Cardigan | Purse | Flats
5. Pullover | Black Pants | Sunglasses | Scarf  | Purse | Ankle Boots
6. Black Blouse | Skirt | Coat | Clutch | Heels
7. Print Top | Jeans | Sunglasses | Scarf | Watch | Clutch | Flats
8. White Tee | Black Pants | Cardigan | Watch | Purse | Ankle Boots
9. Camisole | Skirt | Coat | Watch | Clutch | Flats
10. Black Blouse | Black Pants | Cardigan | Purse | Ankle Boots 

Earlier in the week  I posted What to Pack for Istanbul, Turkey – Packing Light and these are the outfit options I made that go with that list. I received a request to for travelling to Istanbul in April packing light suggestion. During this month the weather usually ranges in the mid teens (12-16°C) so it is a comfortable temperature for travel. Some sweaters, items that layer easily, a coat, and appropriate footwear are all you need. Heels would be totally optional and I only added to show how you can dress up some of the outfits. The colours palette I picked is neutrals with some rose accents to add a little colour to the basics. Since Istabul is built on hills the walking around can be difficult so comfortable footwear like flats, or sneakers are a must. Istanbul is windy so bringing a scarf is a good idea since you can wear it as either a regular style scarf around your neck, or to keep in your purse so that you will have an appropriate cover up if you visit any religious sites. Above are 10 outfit options that you can make from the 10 items of clothing, shoes, and accessories from the packing list. I hope this was helpful.

What is your favourite flat footwear to wear to bring on a trip?

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  1. Thank you, Sara! I love your choices and it will really help me when packing for Istanbul. I’m looking forward to our trip.

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