One Jumpsuit 4 Ways

One Jumpsuit 4 Ways #1x4

Boho – 1. Jumpsuit • H&M | 2. Kimono Top • Romwe | 3. Sunglasses • Valentino
4. Purse • Nordstrom | 5. Necklace • Juliet & Company | 6. Espadrilles • Castaner
7. Nail Polish • OPI |
Weekend – 1. Jumpsuit • H&M | 2. Nailpolish • OPI | 3. Blazer • Topshop | 4. Purse • Aldo
5. Necklace • DVF | 6. Watch • Nixon | 7. Flats • Topshop | 8. Sunglasses • Marc Jacobs
Rock – 1. Jumpsuit • H&M | 2. Jacket • H&M | 3. Necklace • Vanessa Mooney
4. Lipstick • M•A•C |  5. Purse • Sole Society | 6. Sunglasses • Nasty Gal
7. Watch • Marc Jacobs | 8. Sneakers • Converse | 9. Nailpolish • OPI
Party – 1. Jumpsuit • H&M | 2. Lipstick •  Stila | 3. Heels • Jessica Simpson | 4. Clutch • Nordstrom
5. Necklace • Topshop | 6. Nailpolish • OPI | 7. Bracelets • Ralph Lauren 

How many of you look at jumpsuits and think “there no way in hell  will I ever be able to pull one of those off.”? I know I definitely have. But I caved and tried one on last spring and was pleasantly surprised. There are so many styles of jumpsuits out there now that suit all body types. From casual, fitted, to wide-leg and sleeveless, but regardless of the style you can change them up  to suit almost any style or occasion. They are extremely versatile and are one of those key pieces that you could pack for a trip and get a lot of use out of because even if you just throw an oversized sweater over the top you will look like you are wearing pants instead.

For this edition of 1×4 I decided to pick a short-sleeved, wide leg jumpsuit and show you how you can wear it in 4 different ways, or how you can dress it to make 4 different styles. I don’t believe in saying, “I could never wear that.” You usually can if you dress it to your style. I think that’s why people get into fashion ruts, because somewhere in your mind you have convinced yourself that there are only certain things that you can wear. Too many clothing rules and not enough freedom to be yourself. If  you go in to a change room with a positive mindset instead of the negative (which is hard to do when you can see yourself trying to cram you ass into pants in the 3 way mirror) you will be more open to something new and different. I also suggest that when you are trying on something that is drastically different then what you usually wear, try it on as an outfit. Bring extra pieces into the change room so you get an authentic look of what it will look like. Bring in a sweater, jacket, scarf, hat, shoes, belt, whatever pieces you need to style it in a way so that you can see what the finished product would be.

Now that spring and summer items will be gracing our stores soon, try something new this season. The result may surprise you.

Would you consider wearing a jumpsuit this season?

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