Happy 5th Birthday

Merle and ISlightly blurry but it’s all I have 🙂

I really don’t think there is anything in this world that makes you realize how short life is like having kids. There is something about them growing and changing in a blink of an eye that reinforces the really small window of time you get to have with them when they are children. My youngest just turned 5 and I seriously can’t even comprehend where the time as gone. It literally feels like yesterday that she was born. Even my Caesarean scar still hurts every time I sneeze. 

Merle is my hard to buy gifts for kid, she rarely mentions things that she likes and if I based my gift choices on her favourite things she would be getting cats and cheese baskets. I have to really tune myself in to her to look for subtle indications that she may or may not like something because when I ask what she wants she says, “whatever you pick for me.” It really makes it tough since her birthday and Christmas are 11 days apart. I wanted to get her some yellow Hunter Boots (her favourite colour) to replace her ones that are getting too small. I figured that I could get the fleece liners and she could wear them as winter boots too since she has grown out of hers from last year. But they are sold out so now I have to wait for a restock and that probably won’t even be in time for Christmas. I should have figured out this bright idea before everyone else had the same thought.

We celebrated her birthday a little Sunday and then on Monday which was her real birthday, because Tom was home on Sunday and he wanted to celebrate with her. On her birthday Her sister and I took her to Build-a-Bear so she could get the Siamese cat that she noticed a while back. She was super excited and was able to pick a few outfits for it because they had a lot on clearance. She called him Ron Weasely :/ I have no idea where this deep love for Ron has come from but she is obsessed. It’s weird. After Build-a-Bear we went around looking for some new pyjamas that the girls could wear on Christmas eve, and some treats to go with it. I always like to get them some new pyjamas at Christmas because for some reason it feels more important than randomly buying them in April or something. I also tend to buy Merle onesies because I think there is nothing cuter than a child in tight, stretchy onesie.

When we were in Walmart I caved and bought myself some cough medicine. I really, really hate it and literally start gagging the moment I smell it and ever since I was an adult I have steer clear when possible. I have a cold though and kept embarrassing myself going in to coughing spasms while shopping. People look at you like you have the plague where all I have is a super sensitive coughing sensor so that when I cough it literally carries on and on for several minutes until I am turning bright red, tearing up, gagging, and doubled over. It is delightfully embarrassing and something I have dealt with since I was a child. The best part was going in to a coughing fit on a bus or while trying to help someone when you work in retail (both have happened on more than one occasion). Let’s hope I can get some sleep and not just sit there propped up by pillows trying not to wake anyone 😉

That was a little woe is me on my kids post but it kind of tied into the overall day. We all were kind of under the weather, the weather was even under the weather since it was 14°C and raining. Very weird for December in Southern Ontario but I am hoping that it sticks through the season.

Is the weather bizarre where you are too?

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  1. Time DOES fly- doesn’t it? It goes so fast and yet at times it is hard to realize it when you are in the thick of birthday shopping, Christmas shopping and coughing fits. 😉

    LOVE your outfits- would love details.

    Here’s hoping you got some sleep, bought some gifts, and can kick back and relax.

    • Thanks! This cold sure is hanging on for dear life. But it’s nice to have some down time over the holidays. As for outfit details. I’m wearing an H&M long sweater, pleather jacket, and skinny jeans in grey. The boots are Hunters, and the beanie is stolen from my hubby 😉 I hope you have a great Christmas! Thanks for stopping by!

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