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Fall Winter Capsule New Items

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I think this is the final list of items that I bought to update my wardrobe before I switch over to my fall/winter capsule. I mentioned way back when I posted my spring/summer capsule wardrobe that I can’t afford to spend a lot of money all at once to update it for another season. My purchases need to be spread out over a bit so it seems less damaging. I am also planning to transfer a bunch of items that I used in my last capsule into this one with a few weather orientated updates.

There were a few things that I knew that I wanted to get for the upcoming season I just had to find the right one in my price range. But my god there is a lot of expensive shit out there. I can’t even imagine being in the income range where a $1500 jacket is no big deal. I cringed and wept a little when my winter coat cost around $200. I’m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy being in that range 😉 I just can’t even wrap my head around it.

The things I knew I wanted/needed were a pair of black/grey jeans to replace a ripped pair, a couple more sweaters in neutral colours, a kimono shirt/light jacket, and a poncho. In my last post I mentioned that I tried a poncho on in TopShop  and I resembled a child in a swaddling blanket (because I am 5’3″). That made me figure that I would need one a bit shorter if I don’t want to look like I threw the blanket from my bed over my shoulders, so I found one on It seemed like the right length and the reviews and photos from customers were great. I also fell in love with #6 the Kimono jacket from Madewell. Living in Canada with the current atrocious U.S. exchange rate and border fees it wasn’t an price I wanted to swallow, so I searched on Ebay and found a new with tags one in a more affordable price range. I can’t wait until it arrives. I have a few other things coming in the mail so fingers crossed that all fits well, if not I have some figuring out to do.

Once I completely figure out and organize my list (which will probably be around the beginning of September) I will post the finalized copy on here. I might do a separate one with my fall accessories too since I don’t include them in my actual capsule. What do you think of the pieces I picked to out this year?

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