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Infographic by Alberto Lucas Lopez via Earthporm

At any given time I have a minimum of 20 tabs open on my computer. There are pages I refer to multiple times during any given day and there are pages I leave open when something catches my eye so I can sit and look through them when I have free time. I need a better bookmark solution to what I have going on because it really bogs down my computer. Here is a list of several links that caught my eye over the last week or so, some helpful, some informative, some yummy, and some funny.

1. Here are 10 animals that we are going to lose forever unless we make an effort to protect them. So sad and scary.
2. A visual of The World’s Most Spoken Languages In One Eye-Opening Infographic. Look at the difference between all other languages vs Chinese. I think Chinese should be a choice that all school start offering because it obviously would be very useful in today’s world.
3. Ten Medieval Kingdoms that no longer exist. History is my passion. If I could travel the world and visit historical sites (mainly medeival) for the rest of my life I would be satisfied, so I love these types of facts. I love to research an area that is mentioned in a historical novel I am reading that no longer exists by that name in our modern world.
4. Twenty Homemade Frozen Treats to enjoy in the last few weeks of summer. Or really, enjoy at any point in the year because they all look so good.
5. Easy Entertaining on a Dime. Feeding a crowd can be super expensive and even though this post is a few years old but every suggestion on there is a good one.
6. The cost of living everywhere in the world in a single awesome infographic. It’s really neat to the cost of living around the world all laid out. It is also cool and reassuring to see that Canada is comparatively on par with many other places I would like to live. Except Norway, apparently Norway is really expensive 😉
7. A DIY Hair Build up Remover from Maskcara. I keep meaning to try this and then forget until I am in the shower and it is too late. I will get to it at some point.
8. Ten Tips for Creating an Art Space for Kids. I’m bad at this. The kids ask to do arts and crafts and in my completely disorganized way I can barely come up with paper and markers. Having a neatly organized place where they can sit and just do art when they feel like it would be a nice change.
9. What if Disney Characters had Instagram. A funny yet slightly disturbing look in to what it would be like if Disney characters posted selfies on Instagram.


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