Let’s Talk About Christmas

Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Dalek Funko | 2. Cheshire Cat stuffy | 3. Stuffed Chewbacca
4. Large Tardis Funko | 5. Harry Potter Funko | 6. Marie Stuffy
7. Daily Prophet Harry Potter hobo bag | 8. Flipping Rainbow Dash

We are almost halfway through August and I am about to get real. There are 20 Fridays until Christmas, and Christmas is on that 20th Friday. So it’s more like 19 Fridays to get your shopping done. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. It one sense that seems like a long time, in another sense it is putting me into a bit of panic mode to get Christmas shopping started. I can’t do the last-minute shopping thing because a) we have to spread the cost out over months, and b) I like to order things online and from Etsy so I have to give enough time for the items to be made and shipped.

I have tried to pay attention things the kids have mentioned over the last few months but there hasn’t been that much. Roo is much easier to shop for because she has reached the age of having strong interests and tastes.  Merle not so much. She’s pretty minimalist with her likes, and her favourites are cats and aged cheddar :/ so I am kind of at a loss for what to get her.

These are a few of the things that I have started to pick up and store away for the girls. The list above looks more like a sci-fi geek list which totally works for both my kids since they are into sci-fi/comicon types of things. We bought the Build-a-Bear limited edition Chewbacca stuffy last week because it is one of those jump on it when you see it items. Hot Topic was having a sale on Funko’s  so I picked up two Doctor Who and one Harry Potter (for now). They also just stocked up with a bunch of new Harry Potter items and I know that they will go fast so I jumped on a few of them. The Gryffindor school sweater was all sold out in her size which was disappointing. I hope that they get it in a size small or extra small again so I can grab it.

The Disney Store was having their buy one plush get another for $1 sale as well so I picked a couple of “cats” for Merle. I also bought her a Flipping Rainbow Dash because she makes me taker her to it when we are in Walmart and they had it on sale for $15. I received an email yesterday from ThinkGeek and they were advertising their new R2D2 carry-on bag. That’s something that both my kids would enjoy and a good idea to put on my list.

What looks like I spent a lot ended up being a lot cheaper than it would be if I hadn’t taken advantage of the sales. The sales are another reason that I start to buy this early. It ends up being a lot more inexpensive than it would if I waited until the last-minute.

What are your must have Christmas items for kids this year?


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