WTF Summer Colds? Outfit of the day 8

Capsule Wardrobe


All I have to say about summer colds is wtf? We usually don’t see colds until the end of summer when school is starting and sharing germs becomes a daily battle. Even though we homeschool we still seem to be affected by the back to school germ influx, so I don’t know where this came from. It’s not like they have licked public door handles and we wash hands thoroughly after outings. It was probably that moment when I said, “hey guys, can you please stop touching fruit that people are going to buy?” when we were grocery shopping. Karma for manhandling someone else’s produce. I just know that when both kids told me that they had sore throats within 20 minutes of each other that something not so fun was brewing.

Today they both woke up with full-blown head colds. I think Merle’s is worse than Roo’s though because she is super congested, restless while sleeping, and laying around the house being quiet which isn’t the norm for her. She is usually loud and moving from the moment her eyes open until she finally sleeps. Maybe I’ll sit back and enjoy the quiet while it it’s here and read or watch a few more Kardashian episodes.

The weather has been totally unpredictable here. Last year we lived in an apartment that had an outdoor pool. It seemed like we rarely used it in the summer because the temps were unseasonably cold for so many days that the pool never warmed to a decent temperature since it wasn’t heated. I’m a chicken shit with cold water and I don’t think that I went fully submerged in that pool more than 2 times the whole summer. Now that we live in a building with a heated indoor pool it is like a slice of heaven but the weather is weird again this summer and I had to cheat with my Capsule Wardrobe outfit of the day the other day when we went out (And hell no I am not pregnant. I think the lighting and the ruche effect combo is not very flattering). I wore my fitted black dress but it was too cool to wear it sleeveless but too warm to wear a jacket or sweater so I cheated and grabbed a flannel shirt out of my fall storage bin. Sorry :/ Everything else was within the wardrobe I set aside for this season though. Like I said in my update post, it is a live and learn situation. It shows me that I might need to add more temperate pieces to each capsule to use for layering or unpredictability even during summer.

Capsule Wardrobe Outfit of the Day 8

Dress | Plaid Shirt (similar) | Hat | Sunglasses | Converse | Purse (similar) | Watch

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