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#ootd outfit of the day

This was the obligatory mother-daughter elevator selfie when we were on our way to run errands. It was a lot cooler yesterday and really rainy so we busted out our matching rain boots. And this is why I chose to have rain boots in my capsule wardrobe instead of a pair of heels. I get more use out of these. I even wore them all winter after I got the liners for them. Add the end of this post is the breakdown of this outfit and where to find the pieces online. The only thing different is the purse because mine is 3 years old so I linked to a same size, same colour, same priced bag instead.

I have never been considered a girly girl. I mean, I like girly things, but I have never been one to get my hair and nails done, where really girly clothes with super high heels, and have that professionally applied makeup that looks magazine cover ready. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that. I have always been more of a leather jacket, boots, and black clothes sort of girl. Always that bit of boyish toughness touched everything thing that I chose. My current wardrobe displays that nicely, and even the more feminine pieces are bound to be paired with boots, converse, pants, and/ or leather. It’s just what I always seem to gravitate to. My style evolution didn’t seem that big until I sat back and thought about it.

When I was 14/15 it was right in the thick of the grunge era. It was awesome and I am so happy that I actually got to experience that time. My usual clothes were flannel, ripped baggy jeans, cords, doc marten’s or skateboard shoes, long hair, thrift store tees, black nails, and a big backpack that never left my back. Those were the days when I could clothe myself at the Salvation Army or Goodwill for less than $10.

Then I went off to college. The late 90’s early 2000’s was a strange time for fashion. I kind of feel like it was having an identity crisis and couldn’t figure out which way it wanted to go. I was prone to wearing tight-fitting animal print pants like Scary Spice, and my hair was bleached blonde and so damaged I had to cut it off short into a mid 90’s Drew Barrymore style. When I was 20 I started working at West 49 which is skateboard store. This took my style in to a slight different direction to a punky, skater girl. Same bleached out hair but I tended to add some pink highlights, black tight-fitting Dickies pants with a 3 row studded belt. Skate shirts that I cut the sleeves off and sewed up the sides to make it a tight fitted tank, and converse or skate shoes. I also wore a jacket with a great big faux fur colour. I had a major “I don’t really give a shit what people thought” attitude and it worked well for me. This was around the time I met Tom. When he came into my store and I was high on a ladder changing up a display. I remember thinking, “My pants are slipping” and not having the available hands to pull them up I kind of shrugged and let it happen. I ended up displaying a nice portion of butt crack while climbing down the steps. Tom says that was one of the things that made him love me.

Fast forward through several years of blurriness, mental fog and being uncomfortable in my skin to now and my style has found a new look. It mostly evolves around trying to remain fashionable with little to no money but it seems to work well for the most part. There are a few things I would like to upgrade to better quality but as it stands I am fairly satisfied with where I am. Aside from the saggy baby belly that makes buying pants no fun due to unfortunate muffin top. Maybe one of the things I should invest in is a pair of Spanx 😉


capsule wardrobe outfit of the day #ootd

1. Hat | 2. Long Sweater | 3. Black Jeans | 4. Imitation Leather Jacket | 5. Hunter Boots | 6. Black Satchel Bag

Every once in a while it is nice to sit back and remember where you came from and how you’ve changed. I wish that my younger years had better technology because I would like to have more of these memories documented. I kick myself for not taking more pictures.

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