Let Me Tell You a Secret – Outfit of the Day

capsule wardrobe outfit of the day 1 #ootd

No I didn’t mean to pidgeon toe (I actually hate pidgin toe poses), and yes I noticed the pole that looks like it is coming out of my ass 😉

I am going to let you in on a little secret of mine. It’s not like a huge secret or anything but it can be embarrassing at times. I have a large head. So large that sometimes I have to buy men’s hats to get a proper fit. So in the above photo I am wearing a man’s hat from H&M. I snuck over to the men’s side and grabbed one quickly before sneaking back to the women’s side to try it on. It wasn’t so obvious that way.

I almost lost this hard-worked for hat on the balcony while taking this photo though. I didn’t realize it was super windy out there and it almost took off. Which would have been really bad since this condo charges you a $1000 fine if you toss anything off the side of the balcony. I have become a big hat person over the last year or so. I think partly because you can throw one on and it changes the look of an outfit, but I also like that it hides my need-to-buy-some-hair-dye roots. Anyway, this was my outfit of the day from my Capsule Wardrobe. My boots are different from the ones in the picture below because mine are several years old but from Aldo too (They are the ones that Tom bought me to replace a pair he vomited on. Long story, actually not long but he might get pissed if I shared it. But let’s just say he owed me. Big time.) The shirt I am wearing is a different colour from the one below because my local H&M offered a variety of colours in this style. I picked the grey because my favourite bra is black (the one I bought after I found out my true bra size) and although I usually don’t care if you can see the black through my shirt the white one was fairly sheer. I’m sure that my visible bra looks tacky to many but I just like this bra too much to care 😉

Where to Buy

capsule wardrobe outfit of the day #ootd 1

Straw Hat | Baseball Tee | Jeans | Purse (not in my photo but worn when I went out) | Boots (similar style to mine)

I swore I wouldn’t take pictures of my clothes but it’s kind of hard to post a Capsule Wardrobe without showing an outfit from it every once in a while.

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