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Roo's Picture

Roo my 10-year-old took this picture on Tom’s iPhone when we went out for brunch last Saturday. She took it because she thought the restaurant lights reflecting in the window made it took like there were several suns across the morning sky. I just might have a budding photographer on my hands. 

When Roo was a baby we got a Mac for the first time. Neither Tom or I knew how to work it very well and in a moment of stupidity the pictures of the first year of Roo’s life had been deleted off the computer. I freaked. tears, screaming, hyperventilating. We brought it to one of those emergency computer IT guys and he managed to pull someone them for us but many were lost. Because of this I have been like Gwyneth Paltrow’s conscious uncoupling, I am consciously trying to become more aware of the moment to take more pictures of the kids. Sometimes a week would go by and I would realize that I hadn’t got one moment photographed even though there were many moments to be had. So for the time being I have tried to become more aware.



Today was really beautiful out so the kids decided to roam and conquer around our neighbourhood and walked down this tree-lined sidewalk (above). Merle my 4-year-old said, “Woah! Look at all the trees! Why are we walking through a forest?” Can you tell they are city girls?


Early morning balcony bubbles.


People always say she is too old for soothers but I reply that she is only a child once and who am I to take something away that comforts her.


This is Roo. She hates getting her picture taken for some reason so she hides, cringes and makes weird faces whenever I try. Merle on the other hand is always ready for a picture. So if there appears to be a lot of pictures of one kid over the other, it’s not from my lack of trying to get her picture. I snuck this one while we were doing school work.


For some strange reason she likes to wear swimming goggles while she is eating dinner.


Her new sleep mask. Everyone picked an animal that they liked except me since I can’t wear them. Merle picked cat eyes, Roo had owl eyes, and Tom has lizard eyes.


This is the living room/dining room/computer room in my super tiny condo. I am standing in the kitchen taking the picture, my room is off to the right and girls is immediately to the left. That’s it. The couch is too small, the coffee table is too big, the grey chair is awful but Tom won’t let me get rid of it, and the blue Ikea bag is full of clothes I am donating so it doesn’t usually hang there. We also have no storage. But it works for now.


Does your bed look like it belongs to a bunch of kids too? Every night when I pull down the sheets I also have to move a minimum of 5 toys. Somehow every day they seem to make their way back in there.


And more balcony bubbles to finish the week. Sometimes Spiderman needs to blow bubbles too.

Have a good weekend!


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  1. That first picture is amazing!!! Your girls are gorgeous 🙂 #weekendbloghop x

    • Thank you! She has been asking for her own camera for awhile now so I think it may be time to invest in one.

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