Forever 21 For Over 21

I live in a city centre which means I am surrounded by a lot of tall buildings, cement, and shopping everywhere. Green space is somewhat limited so when we go out for walks our end destination usually is a shop or restaurant. The mall across the street is massive and was actually beneficial in giving us some exercise during the winter since walking around outside in the death-cold isn’t ideal. We were kind of like the geriatric mall walkers you see early morning when the mall first opens.

When I heard that Target in was closing it was kind of huge bummer because it was one of our stops that we made regularly. I mean, who doesn’t love Target? Last month, right beside it the mall opened a huge Forever 21. I’m sure they picked that spot because of its proximity to Target which sucks for them, but I was excited to shop there. I have always had to order online from Forever 21 because I never l lived close to one before. This was new territory for me.

I like Forever 21 mostly because of the price. I am a bargain shopper, and while I would love to spend more money buying quality pieces for my wardrobe I also know that realistically it make more sense for me to buy cheaper at the moment. I will be honest though, I sometimes feel old shopping there. You know, since I am slightly over 21 😉 If you can call almost 15 years over slightly. I refer to it as Forever 31  because I don’t actually want to be Forever 21. Forever 31 would be my ideal age to stay if that was ever a possibility.  I also don’t believe in the phrase “dress your age”. I don’t think that because I am a certain age that I basically have to give up on being trendy or fashionable. It’s just not in me to not really care about what I am wearing.

The other day we stopped off at the mall. I was being masochistic and wanted to see Target all closed up (it officially closed last Saturday) and I was craving the chicken salad and basil Tomato Soup from Wholefoods anyway. Two birds with one stone. We ended up taking a detour through Forever 21 because I wanted to look at all the new summer merchandise. It was warm out that day and warm weather makes me think of dress, breezy tops, and hats. I didn’t end up buying anything but I did compile a list of things that are both for summer and doesn’t look like I am trying to pretend I am in college again. Below are a few things I found that would be nice for summer.




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