Positive Messages For Girls or Fighting a Losing Battle?


I have tried hard to be more positive and display positive messages. I am naturally a pessimist and have been for as long as I remember. Even as a child I was terribly shy and would have anxiety and be very pessimistic about different situations. I think it was like a coping mechanism for being so shy and introverted. I am trying to change that mindset and have a more positive attitude before my kids start emulating me. I wore the above happiness necklace yesterday that was found very cheaply at a Thrift Store. I felt good wearing it and several people commented on it and smiled. Even Roo asked me “are you really happy mom?” Which was actually like punch in the gut that she even had to ask me.  We need more positive in our life.

There is so much negativity towards girls in this world and I know that I cannot shield them from all of it, but I would like to give them a good solid base so that they have a fighting chance. Having two girls, I am constantly worried that they will fall into that belief that “it’s cool to be dumb, getting boys to like you is most important, pretty over brains, and my body is who I am” mindset. It scares the shit out of me because wherever you look these messages are present. It’s gone beyond subliminal and is now right there straight in your face. The Too Pretty to do Math t-shirt debacle is a good example along with so many other horrendous messages you see in every f*ing store.

My 10-year-old Roo asked me what can’t they have stores that sell things for girls who don’t really like sparkles and prefer the colour blue? I brought her into Justice (which markets to tweens) for the first time a few months ago and it was like someone vomited glitter, and sparkles everywhere and the clothes are obviously designed to resemble clothing that 20+ year old wears to Coachella. I am by no means a prude and have worn my share of risqué clothing (a bandana tied around as a top comes two mind, but I was 22 and drunk).

My little girl, and she is little even though society wants her to look and dress older than her age, wants to wear t-shirts with Doctor Who on the front not slogans that make her look like an airhead, jeans, converse of every colour. She likes dresses but not ones she can’t run, play, or ride a bike in. She wears tanks tops when it’s warm and shouldn’t have to worry about it being see-through. I don’t think that is took much to ask. She is more than what she looks like, she takes pride in her work, she is fascinated with Science and History and hopes to one day become a Greek Historian or Egyptologist. I don’t need her being shunned because she doesn’t like One Direction, wear makeup, or doesn’t have ambitions of being famous. She wants to be a kid and I am going to damn well let her be.



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