What I Wore This Week

What I Wore. I am wearing a white t-shirt, black skinnies, an oversized white cardigan, and black Converse. via livelovesara

What I Wore. I am wearing a black fuzzy sweater, boyfriend jeans, an animal print jacket, and green New Balance sneakers. via livelovesara

What I Wore. I am wearing an aerosmith t-shirt, an Everlane Cardigan, skinny jeans, and off-white Converse. via livelovesara

What I Wore. I am a brown wrap sweater, boyfriend jeans, and Adidas. via livelovesara

Outfit 1 – T-shirt | Black Jeans | Oversized Sweater | Converse | Purse
Outfit 2 – Black Sweater | Jeans | Coat | Sneakers (similar) | Pin
Outfit 3 – T-shirt | Everlane Cardigan (gifted)* | Jeans (similar) | Purse | Converse
Outfit 4 – Sweater (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Shoes | Purse | Boots | Belt


I really don’t understand when people argue that there is no such thing as climate change. Can you really think back in your life and remember the weather being this crazy?

I mean, last week we had temperatures that were so cold that they compared them to living on Mars, and then today we have weather that is so unseasonably warm that everything is melting and I barely had to wear a coat. Insanity. 

I have contemplated adding a new “series” to the blog. One that would only be once a month and would highlight any of the purchases I made the previous month clothing-wise.

It probably could be pretty boring because I am not one to do a shopping trip so large that I could make a haul video from it, but I figure even if no one is interested it will at least allow me to keep track and evaluate my spending habits. I might actually even get this post up tomorrow if I can remember what I bought.

Merle is getting to experience the first Batman movie tonight. She is a huge Tim Burton fan and never knew that he did the first two Batmans (my favourites) so it’s her before bed relaxation movie. 

My cat finally seems to be settling down as he gets a little older and isn’t being such an asshole. He doesn’t stalk as much or try to scratch when he gets overstimulated. I constantly had cat battle wounds from him since day one, but it’s been a while now so I am going to keep my hopes up that it is because he is getting older and it’s not just a fluke.

My other cat was such and awesome, sweet little thing that this was a shock to me to deal with. That’s what I get for letting Tom pick the cat :/ 

*Everlane sent me this cardigan to try and it’s great. If you are looking for a chunky knit that isn’t too bulky and is made from cotton vs wool then this is a good choice. It comes in both the black and an off-white. It also looks great buttoned up which I will make sure to demonstrate when I wear it in another post. 

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