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We made it through the Polar Vortex and now it is going to be above 0°C on the weekend and 8°C on Monday which is crazy after this week. It’s going to be one big melty mess and I am glad we don’t have a basement to flood because I guarantee that will be happening in basements across the city. 

I’ve came to the conclusion that part of my back issues are from my shitty desk chair. I need to buy an ergonomic one because I have sat with pillows on my chair to support my back for the past few days and the pain is actually going away. 

Have you ever taken  Ginkgo Biloba to try and improve your memory/brain function? I recently started and I think I finally feel the brain fog melting away. Here’s to hoping that the improvements aren’t all in my head 😉 Have a great weekend!

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Anonymous Good Samaritan Pays for 70 Homeless People to Stay at Chicago Hotel During Deadly Polar Vortex.

Mental Health Crisis in Teens is Being Magnified by Demise of Creative Subjects in School.

Build Your Own Cat. I’m pretty sure Merle just added this to next year’s Christmas list.

The new animal print. I’m not going to lie, I’d like to have a room or two papered in these. 

New Netflix Show Brainchild Makes Science Fun for Kids.  

The Evolution of the Alphabet.

5 Compliments That Are Meaningful.

The Brief History of Cheese. I love TedEd videos.

Dali Museum Visitors Will Be Welcomed by an AI Version of the Artist Himself

The Status of the Shits That Women Have Left to Give. I ran out of them around 2004-2005.

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