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Today I am revisiting a post I made in July 2016 about building a simple teacher capsule from your closet in 5 steps. Every once in a while I go back to old posts and put together a newer edition because trends/styles change, and many of the items in the posts sell out and people ask for alternate options. It’s easier to start from the beginning sometimes and put together a whole new one than search through and find comparable pieces to replace the sold out products.

I had a request for help to put together another teacher capsule like the original. Something that involves jackets, but no jeans, while remaining on trend without looking like a student. This can be done by first going through your own closet and using what you have to build the foundation. These are the steps that I listed in the original post to get you started.

The following steps can be messy and take up a lot of space as you go through the process. It’s a good idea to have a large area like the top of the bed or a free-standing clothing rack to work with while you go through each item piece by piece.

BEFORE you go through steps 1-5 below you need to read this article that a friend of mine wrote. It will help you delve in to the deep recesses of your closet to those pieces you bought and never wore. It will help you to integrate those pieces into daily wear so that you have a larger selection of clothes to choose from.

Step 1: This is where the thinning down process starts. Most work environments have a dress code in place so go through your clothing and remove anything that doesn’t fit within the dress code guidelines. This will probably be pieces like shorts, distressed jeans, yoga pants etc. Place these items aside in an area that won’t get confused or mixed with the other pieces.

Step 2: Decide if you are going to include a colour theme to your capsule. You should have a large foundation of neutrals, but picking some colours to add gives you a general theme to work around. This list has the basics of black, white, camel, and grey. The colours added are cranberry, and blue. Patterns also add a lot of visual variety like the striped shirt, floral scarf, and print sweater (which is also a fun piece). It’s important that all these work together so they will mix and match to the fullest extent. After you decide on colours then remove and set aside anything that does not fit in your theme or won’t work with the colours you choose. Your closet should be getting much more streamlined.

Step 3: This step will depend on the climate you live in. This is where you figure out what pieces you will need to include to have a fully rounded, all season wardrobe. Make a rough list on paper if this helps. For example living here I need to have plenty of sweaters, weather appropriate footwear, and coats for all seasons. A wool jacket, and a trench are a good start and are also wardrobe staples that will be used outside of work making them highly functional pieces.

Step 4: Now that you have a rough idea of what your wardrobe should include, this is where you plan how many of each pieces you will need/want to include in this capsule. For example you are definitely not going to need 5 pairs of black pants. Choose a pair or two that are the most comfortable, versatile, and flattering and include those. Set aside everything that won’t work or are extras.

Step 5: You should have a very narrowed down selection now, and this step is where we look to see what we are missing, or the “holes” in your capsule. This is the creative step. Clear away the piles of clothes so you have a blank canvas. Now organize the pieces you selected in to groups of tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories and start to make outfits with the pieces. Try them on or use your bed or floor to put together as many outfits as you can. Take pictures to help you keep track and document. Add or take away accessories and change your shoes to get as many looks you can from each piece, or to transition outfits through different seasons. A little creativity will take you far in this step. Belt a cardigan, tuck/untuck a blouse, add a scarf, omit the blazer, etc.

I find that during this process you may need inspiration so go through Pinterest and pin some ideas of what types of outfits you would like to wear. This may give you some new ways to wear some of your old pieces. This last step is where you note any pieces that you did not or barely used while making outfits and decide if you wish to include or omit the piece. Be as ruthless or forgiving as you want because there are no rules. While it’s nice to have a small, tidy, very specific capsule wardrobe, it just as nice to have a few alternate items to swap around. Don’t feel you need to stick to a specific number of items, because that boxes you in. This is also where you would note anything you don’t have but wished you did when you were making outfits. Maybe you want a pencil skirt, or fitted cardigan. Write them down because these will be the pieces you may choose to buy once you have built as much of your capsule as you could from the pieces you already have.

By now you should have a nice selection of pieces in you “new” teacher capsule wardrobe. Maybe you will keep these pieces separate from your weekend wardrobe or maybe (if you are like me and don’t have a lot of space) you will just put everything back and use the pictures you took as your guideline.

Generally this process should only take a few hours to complete. Now this is where you shop to fill in the holes. My first suggestion is to search second-hand for these items. Buying brand new isn’t necessary at all. Shop all the second-hand places you can find, then after that hit up sales racks, or even clothing swaps with friends. Ebay and Thredup are also great options for second-hand treasures (Thredup now ships to Canada which is awesome!)

I have also included 18 outfit options from these pieces below this post. This will give you some idea of the versatility of this list. The 18 outfits don’t even begin to scratch the surface of how many options can be put together from the pieces. I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to build a work capsule starting with what you own.

Good luck with building your wardrobe and with your new job!

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