What to Pack for Tuscany

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Camisole | Graphic T-shirt | White Long Sleeve | Black Blouse | Rainbow Striped Sweatshirt | Oversized Turtleneck Sweatshirt | Black Sweater | Animal Print Cardigan | Casual Denim | Black Pants | Denim | Dress | Coat | Black Scarf | Plaid Scarf | Hat | Sunglasses | Converse | Flats | Boots | Green Purse | Brown Purse |


This is going to be my last request before Christmas (holy crap it’s close) and maybe the last one of the year. I don’t know how busy next week will be so I can’t guarantee I will have one out. This week is for 14 days in Tuscany, which is a region in Italy. The regions capital is Florence, and the area encompasses 23,000 square kilometres of beauty.

Known as the birth place of the Italian Renaissance (which is obviously a huge deal) it is historically important and was home to many influential people in art and science. I recently watched Under the Tuscan Sun, (which I had never watched before for some reason) and it does a good job showing the beauty and charm of the area. It’s a good movie and I’m surprised I went so long without watching it.

For the colour palette I was told to use my discretion, so I got inspiration from the photos you always see of the Tuscany region with the green rolling hills, and orange and yellow sunsets. You can see these colours reflected in the jacket, cardigan, plaid scarf, and both the green, and brown purse. The trip is for 14 days in February (Valentine’s trip) so while the weather will be comfortable it will still be a little chilly at times. The brown purse that I picked is reversible so it is like two bags in one. The one side is brown and on the reverse it is black, which makes it extremely versatile.

I love the bright colours in these pieces, they remind me of fall. I tried that cardigan on it Topshop the other day an it is awesome. Really soft and comfortable. I also have my eye on the oversized sweater, because I love the look of an oversized turtleneck sweater layered underneath a blazer or jacket. The outfit options for these pieces will be in the next post and I look forward to putting them together.

As the week is now almost halfway done and Christmas is literally a few days away how is everyone doing? I know that this is a high stress time of year and it can be really hard on people. I hope that you all are all making it through okay. 

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  1. Merry Christmas to you, Tom, Roo, and Merle! I hope it’s magical for all of you. I’m betting everyone will be very happy with their gifts.

    Meanwhile, what an unexpected yet uber fun travel wardrobe. Seeing the pieces on the models has left me pining for that dress and black blouse in particular. Wowsa! Love the cardigan too.

    As for us, just about everything is ready for Christmas. It’s been special, peaceful and we’re grateful.

    Enjoy your holidays, Sara. I look forward to what you may have up your sleeve in the new year. Cheers, Ardith

    • Merry Christmas to you and your husband Ardith! It’s going to fast and I am going to be sad when the season is over.

      The cardigan is awesome. I tried it on again yesterday while buying some stocking stuffers and enjoying shopping alone (that never happens). There were so many sales yesterday and it sucked to have to pass by some great pieces for great deal. But tis not the season for shopping for myself 😉

      I am glad to hear that you guys are having a peaceful holiday. That is so important during the season where it is so easy to have things get super stressful and out of control.

      I am going to attempt to start wrapping gifts today. I’m a little apprehensive at the thought. But I’ll just bring in the laptop to watch something, pour some wine (but not too much because I am a total lightweight now) and lock myself in the bedroom for a few hours. I should probably figure out Christmas dinner too otherwise we’ll end up having Chinese food.

      Happy Holidays!

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