What I Wore This Week 274

A blonde woman is wearing a Sonic Youth sweatshirt, grey trousers, a herringbone blazer, green sneakers, and a Balenciaga bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a striped sweater layered under a blazer coat, vintage jeans, black boots, and a vintage Louis Vuitton bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a navy blue sweater, black jeans, white boots, white sunglasses, and a vintage bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a grey turtleneck sweater under a bright red blazer, houndstooth pants, sneakers, and a Balenciaga bag.

A blonde woman is wearing a sweater, adidas track pants, an oversized moto jacket, sneakers, and a vintage Gucci bag.

Outfit 1 – Sweatshirt | Jacket | Trousers | Sneakers (vintage) | Bag
Outfit 2 – Sweater | Jacket | Vintage Jeans | Boots (similar) | Vintage Bag
Outfit 3 – Sweater | Jeans | Sunglasses | Boots (similar) | Bag vintage
Outfit 4 – Sweater | Vintage Blazer | Trousers | Sneakers | Bag
Outfit 5 – Sweater | Leather Jacket | Adidas Track Pants | Sneakers | Vintage Bag

So far February has been infinitely sunnier than January was and it is nice to have some brightness in here. I hope it keeps trending this way for the rest of the month.

I’ve got a couple of clients’ wardrobes to finish up over the next 24 hours or so, and I can feel a migraine brewing.

Which I hope I was able to catch before it goes full-blown.

Tomorrow I have to go through my closet and put some things on Poshmark because there are items that I have had for many years that I never wear.

They just sit there, taking up usable space, but I can’t seem to let go of them for some unknown reason.

The time is now, well at least that is what I keep trying to convince myself.

Plus, my sweater and t-shirt shelf are a huge mess and need some reorganizing. I have been lazy putting my stuff away lately and kind of just shoving it in there, so a light purge should help with that a bit.

Tom still isn’t back at work yet, and I feel a bit like I am losing my mind. The stress of being the sole provider, along with him disrupting my routine and workflow, is really hard, especially during these tough financial times.

It would be nice to have an office or something that I could sit in away from everyone, even just a small closet area. I’m not picky.

But nope, I sit in right in between the living room and open-concept kitchen.

Basically, what would be considered the dining room if it was actually big enough to have a dining table, so I get noise and disruptions from all directions.

The only quiet ones are the cats who sleep in their beds next to me.

Deep breaths. This too shall pass. It has to, right?

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  1. Feeling for you, Sara – difficult on both fronts! Our house has been in the sick cycle for two months, so our routines and ability to have personal space are both off-kilter. Yes, this too shall pass.

    • Thanks so much, I appreciate it. I’m sorry you guys are going through a sick cycle. That’s always so very hard both physically and mentally. I hope that the cycle breaks soon and everyone gets back to being healthy. Take care of yourself. – Sara

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