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When I was putting some of my clothes away today, I saw a box that I had shoved on a shelf and realized that it was a couple of things from Zara that I had forgotten about.

I normally pay really close attention to these things because one, I don’t buy that much that I lose track, and two, I want to make certain that I don’t miss return windows.

One day off from missing this return window, so I ran (not ran, I walked at a brisk pace) down and returned them.

Thankfully it was actually a very quiet afternoon in there since the Zara sale has diminished to nothing now.

Anyway, I lost track of this purchase because I pushed it up high so that it wouldn’t get cat hair on it, then I ended up putting stuff in front of it, and when you are short, and it is out of view it is easy to forget.

I won’t do that again.

On a positive note, the item I had my eye on was in stock, so I could try it on…and I didn’t like it.

That is something that I really love about the Zara app. When you enter any Zara location and open it, it will let you know which items that are in your favourites list are in stock at that location.

So all you have to do is walk around and find them.

Money was refunded, and I didn’t spend anything—a good start to the weekend.

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