Homeschool Curriculum Plans for the 2020/2021 School Year

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Holy crap did I wait until the last minute to get this done. Yikes. This post includes A LOT, but that doesn’t mean that we are going it get all of it done.

This is our 12th year…or maybe our 11th. I can’t remember.

It’s been a long time though, and this is how it looks for us.

First off I try to write out a weekly schedule just to give us an idea of what we should be doing each day. I like pen and paper. It makes me feel organized when I am not.

Often shit happens and schedules don’t work out, so whatever we don’t get it done I just roll it over to the next day.

Let’s get to it.

I think we can all agree that this is a weird one this year. School start next week and I am just solidifying my plans as I type this.

Any books that need to be ordered will probably be late, and any curriculum that I can get via PDF I will.

I like pdf’s anyway because then I can reuse them for Merle if I feel like it will be a good fit, unlike consumable workbooks.

Even though we homeschool anyway, these last months threw us. Everything was just really, really off and we didn’t put that much time or effort into learning.

It has kind of been a free for all as the school year wrapped up, and that is okay.

Everyone is going through a huge adjustment and focusing on just keeping it together is allowed.

That being said, I am also kicking myself for not using that time to plan out our upcoming school year.

With so many people deciding to homeschool this fall, there are a lot of books on backorder so yeah…I am regretting my procrastination.

Like all children, my girls have strengths and weaknesses, and likes and dislikes in school. I try to work with those to figure out what we are going to do.

Roo doesn’t really like, math, and because she doesn’t like math she doesn’t put tons of effort into it.

I have to choose a curriculum that has really good teaching/explanations because this is an area where an open and go textbook doesn’t work.

So with her she will use Unlock Math.

Other the other hand, Merle doesn’t love math but she is really good at it.

Her thought process in coming up with answers is different than the standard way of teaching (she does mental math really well) and I needed to find a curriculum that works the way her brain works.

She will use Beast Academy online because it is rigorous but taught in a comic book format which keeps her interest.

Homeschool Curriculum I Won’t Use?

I try to avoid curriculum by religious publishers but sometimes I give depending on the subject.

Although it is an absolute no for History or the Sciences.

But with writing, I might depending on the publisher.

Aside from learning the standard 5 paragraph essay, I tried to embark on the classical method of writing and rhetoric, and unfortunately, most classical curriculums are faith-based.

But with the subject of writing, it doesn’t come from a Christian or faith-based perspective so it is easy to implement without any religious undertones.

I won’t use:

  • Apologia
  • Bob Jones (BJU Press)
  • Abeka
  • ACE
  • Sonlight
  • Accellus
  • Easy Peasy
  • When in doubt, do your research. Sometimes it’s hidden in there.

There are a lot more but those are off the top of my head that I know come from a creationist perspective.

Here are some tips on vetting secular science curriculum.

Now, before I jump into what actually are using I want to say that we do not have a dedicated learning area.

I am seeing all over social media, school rooms, desks, work stations that their kids will be using for their virtual learning.

I guess if we had to use Zoom and stuff all day we would probably have to figure something out, but since we do our own thing I have actively tried to avoid making the house replicate a schoolroom.

We sit wherever.

Actually, I usually sit at my desk depending if I have to have pdf’s or books I need to refer to.

The girls are always within the same room but usually sitting somewhere else.

The couch, chair, floor, a pillow, my bed (it’s close by) and even on a step ladder. Wherever depending if they need to be writing or following along.

Sometimes Roo gets into a cleaning thing and ends up sweeping, swiffering, and wiping down or rearranging cupboards while we learn.

Also depending on whether she needs to be writing things down.

We are pretty lax in that department.

So don’t feel bad or guilty if you don’t have a cute little learning nook for your kids.

They’ll be fine, and will still learn…even if they are sitting in a laundry basket, in the closet, with a blanket over their head.

11th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Language Arts
Writing With Skill ( Instructor Book, and Student Book)
Writing and Rhetoric Book 9:Description & Impersonation (Teacher Guide, and Student Book)
Writing & Rhetoric Book 10: Thesis Part 1 (Teacher Guide, and Student Book)
In Cold Blood
Fahrenheit 451
The Grapes of Wrath
Brave New World
A Tale of Two Cities (I hated this book in high school so I’m hoping it’s better the second time around)
The Metamorphosis
Flowers for Algernon

Unlock Math
Khan Academy

Global Perspective Studies Core 2 Unit 4 Focusing on WWI and WWII
The Holocaust – An Introduction: Nazi Germany: Ideology, The Jews and the World
A History of Hitler’s Empire
World War II Battlefield Europe
Crash Course Videos on topics
I’m still gathering WWI resources.
World Masterpieces A quality World or European history textbook
Anne Frank’s Diary
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Code Name Verity 
Maus I and II 
White Teeth 

Chemistry: A Study of Matter
Conceptual Chemistry
Chemistry 2nd Edition

Assimil French With Ease
Watch French TV Shows

Psychology of Human Behaviour
Understanding the Dark Side of Human Nature

Art History
The Städel Course on Modern Art
AP College Art History
Janson’s History of Art (I bought it used)

Forensic Science (Elective) 1/2 Credit
Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology
Introduction to Forensic Science
Forensic Psychology: Witness Investigation

The History of Film (Elective) 1/2 Credit
Hollywood: History, Industry, Art
Crash Course Film History

5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Language Arts
Writing With Ease 4
Writing & Rhetoric 2 (Teacher and Student) and 3 (Teacher and Student)
Spelling Workout C and D
Grammar First Language Lessons 4
Handwriting WIthout Tears Cursive

Beast Academy Online
Khan Academy
Singapore 3A and 3B to review and solidify skills

History Quest Middle Times

Mr. Q Life Science (it’s free)

L’art de Lire 3
Watch French TV and read french kids books

Meet The Masters
Sister Wendy’s Art – The Complete Collection

Mapping the World with Art

Logic Liftoff
Orbiting Logic
Detective Club Mysteries

Piano via keyboard

Books (we get our book ideas from Mensa for Kids)
D’Aulaire’s Book of Norse Myths
D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths
A Christmas Carol
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Little Prince
The Dark is Rising Sequence:
Over Sea, Under Stone
The Dark is Rising
The Grey King
Silver on the Tree
The Jungle Book
The Rescuers
Treasure Island
Tales From Shakespeare

That’s all folks!

Congratulations for finally getting your shit together Sara.

Stay Safe.

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    I have been a follower of yours for a couple of years now, mostly because you were the first blogger whose style seemed to be somewhat like mine.. and you liked making packing lists, a strange habit I have always enjoyed!

    I just wanted to say a huge thanks for this blog post. I have been considering homeschooling my daughters long before this weird year but have lacked confidence to take the plunge. I found this piece, and your previous, to be so informative and honest, it’s really inspiring to think about how I want my girls to learn, how much great content there actually is available and to also hear about your struggles and ideas with maths. And the literature… it must be the best part putting the booklists together? My brain is going mad with books I would love to reread along with my kids.

    So thank you for putting this up, I appreciate it so very much. Hope all is well in Canada and you don’t go into secondary lockdown again as we are here in Melbourne. A frustrating time, but has meant more reading and some great documentaries so not all bad I guess 😉


    • Thanks so much Angie. I appreciate hearing this. When we started homeschooling there weren’t even a fraction of the resources as today, so people starting out really have so many options now. There is a forum that I frequent my first couple of years that was truly helpful and it’s still a place I drop by. I blogged a lot about homeschooling in around 2008/2009 on an old blog. It kept me accountable those years until I got my groove. I don’t mention it much anymore because it’s become such a normal part of our lives. Let me know if you have any questions or anything I can help you with.

      And yes, reading lists are super awesome. I think we’ve read every book in the house though. Many more than once 😂


  2. Thanks Sara for the offer to help with questions in the future, that was really nice of you. I appreciate it and may take you up on it one day! At this stage we will likely be in lockdown until the end of the school year so I have plenty of time to check out some of the websites listed above.

    And thank you so much for your Capsule wardrobes and Travel outfits. I love seeing a new one pop into my inbox each week and I’ve definitely tried many outfit ideas from your layouts. Will you ever consider doing a capsule wardrobe using similar style but for tweens? It’s hard to find ideas for this age group that includes graphic tees, converse and things my 11 year old actually wants to wear … ie not pink and florals 😉


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