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What I Wore this week | H&M Dress | Black Leather Jacket | Miu Miu Ballet Flats | Chanel Bag | livelovesara

What I Wore this week | Everlane Tiered Dress | Blue Veja Sneakers | Everlane Crossbody | livelovesara

What I Wore this week | Everlane Blouse | Zara Slouchy Trousers | Black Sandals | Zara Bag | livelovesara

What I Wore this week | Black Camisole | Zara Slouchy Trousers | Miu Miu Flats | Zara Bag | livelovesara

Outfit 1 – Dress | Leather Jacket | Miu Miu Flats | Bag
Outfit 2 – Tiered Dress | Veja Sneakers (different colour) | Crossbody | Sunglasses |
Outfit 3 – Blouse | Slouchy Trousers (similar) | Black Sandals | Bag
Outfit 4 – Black Camisole | Trousers (similar) | Miu Miu Flats | Zara Bag |


I’ve been tinkering with and trying to get used to using Poshmark lately.

Just like anything new, Poshmark selling has a learning curve, especially with the selling aspect. 

I sold on eBay for many years and this is entirely different which is an interesting experience.

What I also love (note the sarcasm) is how people will offer you literally 10% of what you listed an item for. 

I’m not sure if they realize that Poshmark also takes a 20% cut, and you have to pay taxes as well (depending on your province), so if someone lists something for $100 please don’t offer them $10 because they aren’t going to accept the offer.

Everyone now seems on the mend after having the stomach flu this week. I still haven’t caught it which I am thankful for. 

I’m surprised since stomach viruses are very contagious and I was immersed right into the thick of it, and I tend to catch everything.

Although I am definitely not complaining. 

Four positive things this week:

  1. I didn’t get sick, and everyone else rebounded quickly.
  2. I sold some stuff on Poshmark.
  3. The ridiculous heat wave broke a little bit.
  4. My husband got his self inflicted mullet cut off.

And thank you Lisa for reminding me about linen sheets. I am going to order some this week and I can’t wait to sleep on them.

I think they will make a huge difference in comfort with the heat.

My new phone still hasn’t arrived yet. It actually hasn’t even shipped.

It is still listed as “processing”. I should have just went to the actual store to get it set up, but I’m still trying to avoid stores as much as possible.

I was a little bummed though when I walked through the mall last week and saw how many places were closing for good. 

I really loved working retail and this makes me sad that so many businesses are shuttering.

Such a bad time for a brick and mortar retail businesses 🙁 

Stay Safe.

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  1. ooof to the Poshmark nonsense. how can people not realize that’s an insult? i think the worst resale place i’ve dealt with is the realreal. they will give a ridiculous reason for why they don’t think your items are sellable, but if they do take it and it’s not a luxury item, then you usually get screwed over after it sells due to their discount, plus their cut. that is, if the buyer doesn’t return it.

    that’s actually pretty amazing you never came down with the bug! i had a similar experience a few years ago when i was helping my mother and father look after my eldest niece when she was about 3. she had a stomach bug that took down my father and me, but luckily enough my mother never caught it. niece # 1 was known as typhoid mary for a while afterwards though.

    your luck with avoiding the bug must’ve come from being able to snag that h&m dress. every time i go on the site i’m hoping i’m on at the right time to try and catch it in stock, but so far no luck!

    so happy to hear you’re getting some linen sheets, i hope they help! i need to place an order myself, our bedding needs an overhaul anyways.

    you reminded me to check our phone plan, and we’ve got two more payments before we can officially upgrade. my husband complains daily about his phone, even though it’s the one he swore was the best option-go figure.

    my mother worked at Gap for 20+ years. she passed away 5 years ago this october; i would have loved to get her opinion on the state of retail and the brick & mortar stores with everything going on. a decent number of the people she used to work with depended on the additional income from their retail job to be able to get by (they were also schoolteachers), so i hate it that retail has taken such an overall hit. a lot of places here have shuttered because of a combination of an increase in rent + reduced foot traffic. it’s even more frustrating when the business owners get interviewed and they say that the property owner wasn’t willing to negotiate different terms for a lease and it seems like they are kicked out so soon afterwards.

    • Right?! I’m all for getting a bargain but I always try to research first to see what it’s going for, and then offer something that is fair.

      I’ve never bought anything from realreal because after the exchange rate it is no longer a bargain, but that sucks to hear that. I’ve heard similar about selling luxury goods. There are a few resale sites here that will buy your luxury goods or offer consignment and I tend to look at those. I don’t think I’d ever try to sell luxury online due to scammers. It’s not worth it.

      I call my youngest Typhoid Mary 😂 she will generally catch everything and give it to us, but she she always seems to rebound quicker than all of us.

      I actually bought out of my phone contract one month early ($40) and now I’m regretting that decision since it’s taking so long 😂 I might as well have waited until the end of July.

      I’m sorry about your mom. It would be interesting to hear from someone who has worked in it so long. The cost of living here is so high that with so many stores closing I can only imagine how retail workers won’t be able to afford it. We are not even seeing any drops in rental market costs which is ridiculous. Houses actually have increased. It’s out of control. But I guess if you can regularly afford a 1.5 million dollar home than these past few months haven’t affected you as you still can.

  2. same here, i’ve read too many horror stories on the purse forum and it can definitely turn into a saga if the product is defective or not as advertised.

    that’s pretty awesome there’s another typhoid mary out there 🙂 i swear my younger niece is the opposite, she just self-destructs with injuries and illnesses. the eldest is patient zero.

    thank you for your kind words about my mom 🙂 she should’ve written a book on all the crazy things she saw in retail. i worked at gap alongside her for a hot minute and then moved on to abercrombie but my stories are probably pretty tame. the housing market there sounds similar to how it is in the uk. the demand for housing is crazy, especially considering how expensive it is to either rent or try and get on the property ladder and own. where my husband used to live in the UK, there is a very clear divide between those who are struggling to get by on benefits and those who are floating around without a care in the world; there doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground.

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