Homeschool Plans and Curriculum 2019/2020 School Year

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I don’t post about homeschooling often, although we are in to our 11th year now. I used to have a blog that was strictly focused on our homeschool journey but I stopped posting shortly after Merle was born. I was just too tired and muddled headed to put in the effort. 

I figured that I might as well lay out our plans for this year. We just started on the Tuesday after Labour Day, so things may still change if we decided that we don’t like a class, topic, or the course material. It’s kind of like the dropping a class time period that you get in college or university.

We don’t follow the Ontario curriculum really. I thin it would defeat the purpose for us and sort of suck the good parts out of homeschooling…..the parts that let us follow there interests and passions.

While the girls have designated grades that they have to be in for our record purposes their course and skill levels are all over the place. This depends on their strengths and weaknesses, or areas they need to build up some skills before moving on to the next level. 

Since the girls birthdays both fall before Dec 31st they are placed in those grades accordingly, although they would both be one of the youngest in their classes because of this. The typical Labour Day age cut off date makes more sense to me and if that was the case they would both be in one grade earlier. 

It’s weird though because in the mom December 2010 birth board that I am part of (from when Merle was born), all of the kids are born in the month of December (except a couple of kids that were born early). Most of them just started grade 3, while Merle is in grade 4 due to the cut off date here. It’s weird. This should be universal I think. 

This are our homeschool curriculum for the 2019/2020 school year. 

10th Grade Homeschool Plans

Grade 4 Homeschool Plans

When I see it all laid out like this it seems like a lot. The amount of books seem like non stop reading but it is a combination of quiet reading time, us reading together, and bedtime reading throughout the whole year. 

I hope this didn’t bore you to tears. If you have any questions then hit me up below.

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  1. Age cut offs dates are kinda crazy. My birthday was literally the day after the cut-off so I was 6 for most of kindergarten. Meanwhile my daughter will be starting school in the UK at four. Her birthdate is two weeks after mine! I feel like I was a bit too old for my grade level and she will be too young.

    • It’s totally crazy. I can see why people redshirt their kids, but I don’t think you can do that here. It’s funny though because when I was young the cut off date was in September. I have no idea when or why they decided to switch it over. I had a friend in High school whose birthday is Halloween. She was the same age as me but had to be put in the year behind. She was always the oldest and felt weird about it.

  2. Wow, all of this looks absolutely fascinating to me, Sara, and thank you for sharing it. I’m impressed with the level of work the girls are at as well as the lush combination of learning materials. I’d love to be “in class” with them. If you’re up for some periodic updates, I for one would be interested. Plus, a roundup at the end of the school year would be very interesting.

    FYI, I’ve seen some of Sister Wendy’s TV documentaries (I seem to remember one as a visit to the Uffizi in Florence, which I actually visited as well).

    Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks Ardith,

      We’ll see how well everything works out. I’ve be known to change things out all of a sudden if I feel it isn’t working 🙂 I get the feeling that the science will be completed a lot quicker than I thought so after we will probably do a quick overview of Biology or maybe a pre-chemistry to get ready for next year.

      I think a round up is a good idea. It’s also helps me with my record keeping in case I have to write up a spiffy transcript for when/if Roo decides that she may want to go to college. She is in no rush and honestly I would rather her wait until she is quite certain, and not go just because it is the next expected step. I did that and regret it. I would have totally benefited from waiting 3-5 years.

      I love Sister Wendy. I so appreciate it when someone can present something they are obviously passionate about in an educational, and humorous way. I learn so much more when the person is excited about the topic.


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