What I Wore This Week

I am wearing an Aerosmith t-shirt by Dirty Cotton Scoundrels, Wide leg, high waist trousers, Madewell Boardwalk Sandals, and a woven circle purse.

I am wearing an Everlane linen shirt dress, Birkenstock Yara sandals, a moto jacket, and a red Rebecca Minkoff purse.

What I wore this week. I am wearing a black t-shirt, Wide leg, cropped, jeans, Animal print booties, and a Rebecca Minkoff Purse.

What I Wore This Week. I am wearing a grey Madewell ex-boyfriend tee, Levi's 501 wedgie straight, a checkered blazer, and red Everlane Day Flats.

Outfit 1 – T-shirt | Pants (similar) | Sandals | Purse
Outfit 2 – Dress | Jacket (similar) | Sandals | Purse
Outfit 3 – T-shirt | Jeans (similar) | Boots | Purse
Outfit 4 –  T-shirt | Jeans | Blazer (similar) | Shoes | Purse


It’s amazing how good you can feel after eating well, when you have been crap for the last few days. Domino’s pizza currently has 50% off pizzas (carry-out only) and we may have ordered a significant amount of pizza yesterday.

I have been eating nothing but pizza for 24 hours and was starting to feel gross, so I went to Whole Foods and picked up some healthy things to eat for dinner. By the time I was halfway through my meal I was literally feeling way more energetic and alert. I need to start eating better regularly….

Do any of you use a preworkout supplement/drink? I’ve never used one before, but I have also never got serious about working out either. I see a lot of people talking about them but it’s usually the Beachbody people. Then it’s hard to tell if it is as good as they say or if they just want you to join their team 😉 So if you have one that you use and love can you let me know? Because I honestly have no idea even where to start. 

I made a “big” purchase last week. And by big I mean about $200. I’ll start off by saying that shopping has been an epic failure for me this season. Summer dresses have been awful fitting on me, and blouses…..which you would think would have a much higher success rate have also bombed. I am on a mission for a perfect white blouse and I can’t even get close to it.

I decided that with all the returns I have been making lately that I might as well put some of that money towards something that I really want. So I ordered this sweatshirt. When the style from last year with the tiger on it came out I fell in love with it, but didn’t justify the cost. I am glad that I waited though because I like the print this year even better I think. Although I wouldn’t complain about getting either 😉 

I was able to buy the sweatshirt from Intermix which ships internationally through Borderfree. This means that the duties and taxes I paid upfront were less than what other companies were offering, plus I am guaranteed not to get dinged with any additional charges when it arrives (plus I got free shipping and a 15% discount for signing up for the newsletter). So with the exchange rate, it equaled to a little over $200.

I’m trying really hard to keep my closet full of things that I really want, and not a bunch of mediocre things that I bought just to have a larger variety of things to wear. It’s really hard sometimes to stay in that mindset, so it is a work in progress. I am really looking forward to its arrival this week though, so hopefully it arrives.

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  1. Sara, you always have such great style. Then there are weeks when you just jettison into the style stratosphere. This was one of those weeks. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks Ardith 🙂 That really means a lot coming from you. I hope that you and your mister are doing well.


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