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Even though I have a large Zara located about a block away from me, I still tend to buy online because they always carry things that can’t be found in the store. When I return items, I just run them down the street because it makes much more sense than mailing them back. 

Tonight I was in the middle of doing a return when the power went out in the mall. She was literally 5 seconds away from being done and everything just shut off. As per most retail stores regulations, the employees ask everyone to leave and then lock the doors until the lights come back on. Which would have been absolutely fine except I no longer had the products I was returning (she took the and hung them on the rack  to be put out), nor did I have my money back. I wasn’t sure what to do. 

I figured she would just give me my stuff back because technically it was still mine. Then I could either wait for the lights to come back on, or return at my leisure. She didn’t. She just took my name and phone number on a Post-it and stuck it to one of the items. Luckily the power was back on within 10 minutes, but seriously? What if they were out all night and I needed to come back tomorrow? How was that going to work out when she probably wouldn’t be working in the morning. I doubt anyone would have believed me.

That was my little vent for the night because I found the whole thing ridiculous. 

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

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