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So the Zara sale hit and I couldn’t resist trying to get a few good deals. The sale started on Christmas evening at 8 pm EST on the App. I swear to god at 8:01 everything in my size was gone. Zara shoppers are hardcore. 

I did manage to snag a few pieces that I hope will ship and not be cancelled due to unavailability. A grey cashmere sweater for 49.99, some faux leather pants, an animal print pullover, and a cardigan. I really wanted the cashmere in black but there was nope hope in hell for getting that one. The regular prices were like, $189 which is not something I’d like  to pay for a sweater but $49 is a great price for cashmere.

I did end up hitting the mall on Boxing Day because Merle had some Christmas money and she wanted to buy a family board game and craft supplies. It was a nightmare. A nightmare.

The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is on right now and I’ve linked quite a few pieces from there today. My animal print loafers are included in the sale and have a full range of sizes (upon my last check).    

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

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I’m thinking of signing up for The Daily Burn 30 day free trial in January. Take it for a test and see how I like it because the holidays kicked my ass.

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