What I Wore This Week

I am wearing a brown fuzzy sweater, leather moto jacket, skinny jeans, and Sam Edelman animal print loafers.

I am wearing a crochet blouse, checkered blazer, a large woven bag, grey jeans, and Sam Edelman animal print loafers.

I am wearing a t-shirt dress, jean jacket, a large woven bag and converse high tops.

I am wearing a Beetlejuice t-shirt, pink pleated skirt, a large woven bag. and Madewell Boardwalk Sandals.

Outfit 1 – Fuzzy Sweater | Leather Jacket | Skinny Jeans | Purse (similar) | Loafers |
Outfit 2 – Blouse (old) | Blazer (similar) | Jeans | Purse | Shoes |
Outfit 3 – Dress (similar) | Jean Jacket | Purse | Converse | Enamel Pin |
Outfit 4 – T-shirt | Skirt (similar) | Purse | Sandals |


Argh. I thought I was free from any more Halloween costume planning but apparently spending the day at the Vintage toy convention revved the Halloween inspiration engines for the girls. Now they both want to be characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas and go as a theme. That isn’t going to be an easy task.

We came back from the toy convention at about 6 and I have looked through online tutorials for inspiration since. Roo is set on being Shock (the witch in this photo), while Merle is a toss-up between Lock (the devil in the previous photo) or the Mayor. Any creative ideas for me?  Do you think paper mache is a bad idea for the mask? A lot of people seem do a paper and tape mock-up and then cover the whole thing with that crayola air dry modeling clay. I have no idea so wish me luck.

As for the convention it was a lot of fun. There is always an abundance of nostalgia at these things, especially when you come across toys that you completely forgot about. Although there were things that I can kind of remember but can’t place their name or the show they were from though which was annoying. I didn’t get anything except a drink from the Starbucks that was right beside it (and later a skeleton statue in a yoga pose from Michael’s), but Roo added some figures to her vintage Star Wars collection, and Merle added to her Nightmare Before Christmas one (go figure). Tom got some weird collectables that I never heard of that he remembers from being a kid.

I sometimes wish my kids were “pick a costume from the rack” type of kids, but they have mostly been long-term planners, especially Merle who lives to dress up. If she didn’t repeatedly tell me that she wants to be a doctor (she hasn’t changed her mind since she was 3) I would think she is going to be a makeup artist or in to costume design. You never know.

So basically from my rambling above you can see that I am going to be spending this upcoming week trying to figure all this Halloween shit out 😉

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