What I Wore This Week


I am wearing a David Bowie t-shirt, grey, cropped skinnies, and madewell boardwalk sandals

I am wearing a pink wrap shirt, boyfriend jeans, vans slip ons, and a circle purse

I am wearing a black tank top, wide leg cropped jeans, green sneakers, a small circle purse, and vintage Raybans

I am wearing a black slip dress with a knotted band tee over top, Madewell Boardwalk sandals, and a small circle purse

Outfit 1 – Bowie T-shirt | Grey Skinnies | Watch | Purse | Sandals |
Outfit 2 – Pink wrap shirt (similar) | Jeans | Watch | Small Circle Purse | Vans |
Outfit 3 – Tank top | Wide Leg jeans (similar here) | Watch | Shoes (similar) | Small circle purse | Sunglasses |
Outfit 4 –  Slip dress | Band tee (similar) | Watch | Sandals | Small purse |


Do you every watch those videos where people from one country try the foods of other countries and then give their opinion? I like them, they make me laugh (the Irish ones are the best) and it’s easy to lose a lot of hours on Youtube watching them. It makes me want to try the Universal Yums subscription box which gives you a monthly themed box of treats from a different country every month. The girls really want to try it so I may sign up soon because I think it would be a fun one.

A pet peeve of mine: when you buy socks and they fit perfectly only to have them shrink when you wash them. It’s annoying, and I am only mentioning it because I just removed a tiny pair of socks from the drier that were almost knee-high length yesterday.

I am having (or had since this is posted at night) an internal battle of enjoying a lazy Sunday or going out to go to pick up some groceries. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but I am leaning towards risking having to walk in it because it’s really hot out today and the grocery store is going to be insane. The struggles of a boring weekend; the less you do the less you want to do. The highlight of the weekend? Merle finding 11 Scooby Doo choose your own adventure books at the library. She asked for them for Christmas but since we found all of them there I guess I can cross those off of the potential Christmas gift list. Back to the drawing board.

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