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Today I went to the eye doctor for the first time since 2010 (only slight changes). I then went in search of some new frames but had to put it off because they had dilated my pupils and I couldn’t see how any looked on me. I now have a bunch of random selfies on my phone that I took of me wearing different frames for reference.

Roo had her first Dungeons & Dragons “club” today and when I went to pick her up at the library I saw them all running after a girl who was clutching a book like her life depended on it. On the way back home I asked her why they were chasing someone and she told me that they were told the first person that could find a particular book on “tea eggs” (or something like that) would get to level up and receive a bunch of gold. It was Lord of the Flies: Dungeons & Dragons edition 😉

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

A Grandmother’s Desparate Choice. This was heartbreaking.

Abby Wambach On Empowering Others. What a great speech.

75 Mighty Girl Books for Tweens’ Summer Reading List

HBO’s New Series Is Ending Each Episode By Directing Viewers To Mental Health Resources.

Ireland Expected To Become World’s First Country To Divest From Fossil Fuels

The Women’s Suffrage Movement Started with a Tea Party

Archaeologists Have Found The Oldest Copy Of One Of The Most Important Stories Ever Told. And speaking of awesome discoveries Roo is super excited about this one.

Aerie’s New Bra Campaign Redefines What It Actually Means to Be Inclusive. Good for them, this is incredible. 

Want To Know What Books Impacted Every Country In The World? This Map Has The Answers.


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