What I Wore This Week

I am wearing a black t-shirt dress. Adidas Gazelle, and a woven circle bag

I am wearing a long grey t-shirt dress, old jean jacket, green New Balance, and a woven circle bag

I am wearing a denim kimono jacket, high rise, wide leg cropped jeans, Madewell Boardwalk sandals, and a woven circle bag

I am wearing a white lace dress, leather jacket, Madewell Gladiator sandals, and a woven circle bag

Outfit 1 – T-shirt dress | Shoes | Sunglasses | Purse |
Outfit 2 – Long t-shirt dress sold out (similar) | Denim Jacket | Green shoes (similar) | Sunglasses vintage Ray-bans (similar) | Purse |
Outfit 3 – Kimono | Wide Leg Jeans (similar style here and here) | Sandals | Purse |
Outfit 4 – White dress old (similar) | Leather Jacket | Sandals | Purse |


There is some pretty loud screaming, cheering, and honking right now which means they have it set up to watch The World Cup on the big screens across the street (as of Sunday afternoon). They are so loud you would think that they are actually sitting there in person. I don’t think I have ever shown any excitement towards a sports game in my life. Am I missing out?

I FINALLY got all of our winter jackets off the coat stand in the front hall and in to the actual closet there. It’s such a crowded area you literally bounced off the puffy jackets as you walked in. Now I am going to dismantle the stand and donate it to make more room. It’s kind of rickety now anyway, so it probably would do better to be trashed but someone might be able to repair it to make it sturdier. I also managed to set aside some seasonal pieces that no longer fit for donation as well to thin out that closet. Better late than never right?

The front hall purging is coinciding with the guys coming in the clean out all of our vents on Tuesday. I thought they were going to be coming weeks ago but they just sent out the memo on Friday that they would be in my unit some time on Tuesday. I have a conference call on Tuesday morning so I hope they get to my unit in the afternoon instead. Now I have the rest of the unit clean to get complete open access to the vent areas, and minimize the look of clutter in here.

I need some new reading suggestions. Genres I enjoy are historical fiction, historical fantasy, medieval mysteries (is that a genre?), some sci-fi/paranormal series, and time travel. I’m leaning towards fiction over non fiction right now because I like the escapism that fiction offers. I started reading Kushiel’s Dart and while it is really good, it is also depressing so I am taking it really slow. I’d like something less depressing to read at the same time to balance it out.

Any good book/series recommendations?

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  1. I’ve been reading about Octavia Butler lately so my 13 yr old son and I are going to try one of her books / series, i don’t know if it will be depressing but I hope it’s going to be empowering too!

    • Oh! This is such a great idea! I just read about her recently too so this may work out well 🙂 This also reminded me about the female scifi writer Ursula Le Guin. She’s supposed to be fantastic so I may give her a try to.

  2. You’ve probably already read the ‘Outlander’ series? But if you haven’t…it’s great! I also like most sci/fi series by Patricia Briggs, especially the Mercy Thompson series (werewolves and sexy bad and good guys!).

    • Love Outlander. I read it for the first time around 1996, and have read it and the following books many, many times since. To say I was excited that they made a tv show is an understatement. I also read the Mercy Thompson series a few years ago but I haven’t caught up on the newest books so I may have to give them a reread before I get the new ones as a refresher. Thanks for the idea!

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