What I Wore This Week

I wore a vintage Kiss t-shirt | Highwaist jeans | a Long camel coat | and Checkered Vans
I wore a black slip dress, a white lace shirt over, checkered vans, and a circle purse
I wore a peasant shirt, skinny jeans, vintage Adidas, and a circle purse
My collection of band tees

Outfit 1 – Vintage band t-shirt (similar) | High waist jeans | Coat (similar) | Shoes | large circle Purse
Outfit 2 – Slip dress | Lace shirt (similar) | Circle purse | Shoes |
Outfit 3 – Peasant Shirt (I’m wearing it backwards) | Jeans | Shoes | Circle purse | Watch


On Friday I decided to go through all my t-shirts to take an inventory of what I have. I think I have a pretty decent collection from over the years, but I still have some music favourites that don’t have representation yet 😉

I need a Prince one, a Nirvana, and Madonna for starters.

I have the Rebel Rebel Bowie t-shirt on the way. It actually arrived in the country on Friday afternoon but it was too late go out for delivery 🙁 They should be here Monday along with my sandals though (unless they get stuck in customs).

I hope I love the fit and feel of the t-shirt because they have a few other styles that I want too, like the Aerosmith, and Wham…… I mean, who doesn’t love Wham?

I posted the above t-shirt inventory picture on Instagram on Friday and someone asked me if I even knew any of the bands and their songs. I burst out laughing because seriously?

I was a teen in the early to mid-90s and was a hybrid of grunge, hippie, and skid, so music was my life. So yes, of course, I know the bands and their songs. I don’t wear bands that I am not a fan of.

Next on the agenda, the dreaded heat and humidity has rolled in and I am already sick of it. That 1.5 weeks of mid-teen weather was awesome, so where can I move where that is the norm?

I feel like I have to hibernate from the heat already and it’s not even June. I know, complain, complain but I truly hate the climate in southern Ontario, it’s not very pleasant, but at least our building switched over from heat to air conditioning last week.

This means that next week they are going to be coming in to all the units to replace the central air filters, and vacuum the ducts. Which also means that I have a few days to make it look like we aren’t hoarders 🙁

We finally got our taxes back and we both owe which totally blows and puts us in to debt paying off mode. I guess this summer is morphing in to strictly for working off debts and a vacation has been put on the back burner yet again.

Anyone else in paying off debt mode?

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Sara is the founder and creative behind livelovesara. A George Brown College Fashion Styling Graduate, she provides advice on finding your personal style regardless of age and budget. She is always on the hunt for the perfect wardrobe piece and is a vintage and thrifting enthusiast who can't wait to share her newest finds. She is also trying to learn French.


  1. that comment would make me laugh as well. i’d feel like such a poser if i was wearing a band t-shirt and had no idea who they were. represent what you know and love! secondly, i’m in debt paying mode as well. it sucks, but then again it feels really good seeing those numbers go down. it’s been a slippery slope for me trying to pay down debt and then ruining it all buying a bunch of clothes and whatever else because it was on a good deal. then when i look at how much i just spent and realize that i could’ve taken that money and put it towards a credit card bill…le sigh!

    • I love that you used the word poser. And yes, I’d totally feel like one sporting a band tee that I knew nothing about.

      I’m trying to curb the spending too but it’s so hard when there are so many good deals, I get it 🙁 We do have a vacation find jar that we throw any extra money in but it’s a slow process that seems to going nowhere. We also have a list pinned to the fridge now with all the debts broken down. It will be nice to cross some stuff off sooner rather than later though.


  2. They probably asked about the shirts because all the YouTube Hauls of people buying shirts from bands they don’t listen to or know nothing about. I feel this way about everyone wearing leather biker jackets now. It used to be for us rockers and rebels. It’s become watered down now and looks try hard on most. The world is so fake right now.

    • You’re totally right. I usually like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I question it sometimes too. And yes, the fakeness is getting overwhelming.

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