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This week this post looks a bit different. I cut out the redundant numbers below that explain and correspond with the collage and just listed the numbers right underneath it. It left more room and time to include more interesting reads.

I feel like this entire week was thrown off schedule. Tom worked really late afternoons until 4 or 5 in the morning each day this week, but him being home during the hours that he is usually working threw me off. I don’t know why, I guess you get used to certain routines and then it’s easy for things to not flow smoothly when there are small changes. I didn’t even get to exercise much this week (except the squats, lunges, and pushups off the bathtub that I do when getting ready at night and in the morning) because I hate exercising in front of him. I just can’t do it. Back to business next week though because summer is sneaking up and I need to get fitter. I need to seriously join a kick my ass bootcamp or something.

Oh yeah, it snowed again this week (today mainly). Seriously. Not a sign of green anywhere. I’m pissed.

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Why Tired Mother’s Stay up so Late.  This I pretty spot on. The late night-time has been my me time for the last 13 years. So that’s 13 years of not a good nights sleep.

I don’t need or even want a large walk in closet. You know the kind I mean…..the ones that are larger than my living room. Yeah, I don’t need one of those, and condo living doesn’t really leave a lot of room for large closets. All I want is something simple, and organized. This right here is close to my idea of a perfect closet. Her clothes look right up my alley too.

18 Beauty Standards that Women had to uphold through history. I knew most of these, and some aren’t terrible…..not that I want to black out my teeth  😉

How to Buy a gun in 15 Countries. It’s pretty eye-opening when you see it broken down like this.

Need a book to read? Here are NPR’s best books of 2017.

Gorgeous Grey Hairstyles that will Encourage you to Skip the Dye. I’ve always wanted silver hair.

How Can We Install Bravery in Our Girls.

50 Spring ideas to try out when you run out of ideas. I’m bookmarking this for reference 😉

If you could record your dreams would you? I would love to be able to watch some of the things I dream about while being completely lucid.

Forgotten Women in Science. Because if we talk about them then they will never be forgotten.

The Dead House. Gross but so interesting. Don’t watch if you are sensitive or squeamish. Now I am heading to Youtube to watch the rest of these videos.

Now I am on book three of my new series and I am going to be very upset when I am done 🙁 There is a novella that comes out in May though so that’s exciting. 

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  1. My great-grandmother had a china cabinet kind of like the one in the link. The main difference (other than color) was that the doors were about half the height and the bottom had drawers. I was supposed to inherit it and would have used it as a display case, but it would have been a gorgeous wardrobe. And the drawers would have been perfect for the stuff you can’t really hang.

    • My parents have one from my grandparents that is lovely. I think it’s probably too tall for this purpose but it’s quite similar. Drawers would be super handy, and I think theirs might have them too if I remember correctly.

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