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Well thank goodness for the long weekend because I totally wouldn’t have finished this post today. Also, I thought I had finished my Easter shopping on Thursday but I forgot to figure out what we are having for Easter dinner. Blah. I hate cooking meals like this, I hate cooking in general but big meals extra suck.

Does anyone have any recommendations for vacuums? We bought ours last year and it seems to be not working already. I totally should have read the reviews before buying it because the issue seems to be a common complaint. I don’t want one that breaks the bank, but one that will work for both carpets and hardwood. It’s only 650 sqft in here so we don’t need something huge because there is no place to put it. Bagless preferably since finding replacement bags can be a pain in the ass. Thanks 🙂


Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • Internet work spaces are a psychopathic pit of lies. This made me laugh. You should see my workspace….or maybe not because it’s bad. Really bad.
  • What is the Devils’ Corkscrew? This is an interesting watch.
  • After I finished the newest book from the Fever Series I was going through withdrawal. Do you ever feel like that after reading a good book? Like no other book seems to compare at that moment? Anyway, this series was recommended to me and I love it. It’s another suck me in until 3 am series. If you like fantasy novels (fairies and such) this is a good one.
  • I think that I may try this 2 week clean eating “challenge” just to see how I feel after and if I can do it (minus the tuna because I hate fish). I already switched my peanut butter to almond butter and I survived so it might be worth the effort 😉
  • This isn’t really a read or find but it does pertain to reading. My 13-year-old is a night owl and we are contasntly battling bedtime with her. She has the tendency to try to sneak on to her iPad or gaming system to stay up so I have implemented a new rule. She can stay up as late as she wants as long as she is reading. Sleeping-in accommodations won’t be made the next morning if she stays up too late though. She’ll have to suffer like the rest of us who stay up too late reading. Good rule or bad rule?

Weekly Finds:

    1. Madewell Silk Wrap Maxi Dress in Butterfly Garden. This dress is gorgeous and has a 70’s vibe.
    2. Vintage Edison Bulb Outdoor String Lights. These would add a cool ambiance to your balcony or patio.
    3. H&M Cotton Cargo Jacket. A perfect casual jacket for spring and summer.
    4. Madewell Naida Half-bow sandal. The colours of these are so lush, and they look comfortable.
    5. Ban.do Rainbow Beach Towel. I think I would just want to keep this one for home. Definite splash of colour for the bathroom.
    6. Lulu & Georgia Emlyn Rug. I love this shag carpet, which also comes in white…..but white doesn’t work here 😉
    7. Gap Stripe V-Neck Midi Shirt Dress. This is a perfect summer staple and it’s currently on sale for $64.
    8. Ban.do Carnival Crew socks. Add an amazing splash of colour to your wardrobe. I love fun socks.
    9. Lulu & Georgia Animal Alphabet Chart Print. A super cute print to hang on your kids wall.
    10. Shoptiques Modern Emporium Circled Patter Straw. Another circle purse to add to my spring/summer want list.
    11. West Elm Rosanna Ceravolo 5-Drawer Dresser. This dresser is so gorgeous. I love the colour of the wood, and the pattern.
    12. Madewell The Perfect Summer Jean: Destructed Edition. I’m all about the Madewell denim and would have 50 pairs if I could afford them. They look and fit amazing.
    13. Urban Outfitters Henry Googly Eye Planter. I want the entire series f these to put on my window ledge. They are so cute.
    14. Ban.do Your Face is Like Sunshine Stainless Steel Tumbler.  Super cute and an environmentally friendly way to carry your water.
    15. Urban Outfitters Cross Colours TLC 1992 Long Sleeve Tee. This is so retro cool. It is men’s sizing but I always prefer a men’s fit in a tee.
    16. Ban.do Protection Smudge Kit. Have you ever wanted to sage smudge your house to get rid of unwanted negativity? I totally have and I would buy this in a heart beat.
    17. Banago Olivia Large Straw Tote. The polka dots on this bag make is stand out from the crowd. I really like it.
    18. Old Navy Sleeveless Linen Jumpsuit. I’m all about the jumpsuit this season and Old Navy has many different styles, prints and colours for great prices.
    19. H&M Fine-knit Striped Sweater. This is a really lightweight knit top that comes in several colours and is only $13.
    20. Soludos Strappy Espadrille Sandal. Now this is an espadrille style shoe that I can totally get on board with, because I can’t walk in the wedge espadrilles very well.
    21. Madewell The Prague Satchel. Perfect leather satchel bag that can be worn as a cross body.
    22. H&M Striped Slip-On Shoes. A cheap and stylish way to add some fun to your summer wardrobe.
    23. Madewell Texture and Thread Wrap Top. This shirt would look amazing with highways jeans.

Now I am off to bed to read my new series.

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  1. Hi Sara!
    I have been enjoying your packing lists and your blog posts. In this post you mention that your place is small – how do you manage to fit your wardrobe and your family into a small space – that is something I struggle with!

    • Hi! My wardrobe isn’t really that big. It all fits on a standard bar in a smallish closet. My closet is the biggest in the apartment though but it doubles and triples as the linen closet, and the storage closet so my poor clothes get crammed 😉 Aside from that it’s pretty crowded in here. No one is a minimalist no matter how hard I try, but the girls share a room and all of the furniture in the house pretty much all touch around every space. The only bonus is that since it is so small it doesn’t leave room for us to hoard things too badly. We are due for a huge purge though.

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