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I’ve felt under the weather for the past two weeks. One day I have a bit of a sore throat with a slight cough the next it’s gone but I still feel off. Then it comes back again. I wish it would go one way or the other just to get it over with, but I guess it’s just the time of year.

Madewell is having a sale with and extra 30% off sale items with the code META30 so half of today’s clothing picks are from there. There are some nice dresses and jumpsuits listed that would be great for spring. All the snow melted this week so I am keeping my fingers crossed that spring hits early this year. I’m not holding my breath but I am sure as hell looking forward to seeing a little bit of green poking through the ground.


Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • Do you have Aphantasia? I can’t imagine that being my normal because I rely heavily on my visual thoughts daily, but it is super interesting to think about.
  • One of the top things on my bucket list is to see the cave paintings at Lascaux, so reading this about Neanderthals made me happy. I always felt like they weren’t given enough credit.
  • Aside from stupid gifs, this is the type of things I send to Roo via text message. She said a sloth is her Patronis and prehistoric animals is her thing so I figured she would appreciate it ūüėČ
  • Heavy drinkers are at a higher risk for dementia¬†New study shows. Noted. Another reason aside from having horrible hangovers that I don’t drink that much anymore.
  • 12 Things That Wouldn’t Exist Without Women. Sometimes we just need to toot our own horn ūüėČ

Weekly Finds:

    1. Madewell X No.6 Silk Magical Dress in Vintage Rose is lovely and an extra discount off the sale price.
    2. I really love the flats that fold down in the back to become mules and this pair are so great with the embroidery.
    3. A really pretty satin throw pillow that I want on my bed, but I think Tom would think it’s too frou frou :/
    4. I love these cashmere sweaters from J.crew. They come in red stripe or black and are up to 40% off with the code ZMTWKIP
    5. I have a thing for statement jewelry and this ring is so unique looking.
    6. Another fab straw circle purse to add to my list. I really need to cave and buy one for the season.
    7. Apparently I am drawn to pretty rugs. I don’t know if this would work well in my living room but it would be really nice in¬†my ¬†bedroom.
    8. If you are looking for a really pretty summer robe then this one from Gap may be for you. It’s on sale for $22.
    9. ¬†I love my ray bans but I’d like to change it up sometimes with a more colourful pair like these yellow ones.
    10. Merle loves geodes and actually pointed these out at Anthropologie so I thought I would note them here. They come in several colours but I liked the blue best.
    11. I always carry reusable bags when I go out and I really like this net style. They come in a bunch of colours and are only $14.
    12. What my home needs is a good decorative bowl that someone doesn’t fill with miscellaneous crap, and this one comes in several colours.
    13. This caged handheld clutch is made from bamboo and makes a great little statement purse for summer.
    14. When I wear rings I always have a sizing issue so a style like this cuff ring would work great because you can squeeze it slightly to fit tighter.
    15. I prefer glass drink bottles better than plastic. I saw this tea tumbler in store a couple of days ago and am contemplating going back to get it.
    16. One thing that is on my want list (which I’ll probably never get but will keep wanting) is a blue or green velvet couch like this. Ikea had a great green one a couple of years ago but they no longer sell it which bums me out because it was my perfect couch.
    17. I have a deep love for Sezane clothing it’s pretty much out of my price comfort zone but I will buy a piece some day. This Sezane dress at Madewell is discounted on the sale price with the code META30.
    18. Another cute bralette that caught my eye and it’s on sale for $20.
    19. A silk cami jumpsuit from Madewell that is on sale. It’s 30% off the sale price right now.
    20. Ummmm who doesn’t love purple shoes. And Puma? Even better. They are on sale for $47.
    21. My Gap girlfriend jeans are one of my favourite pairs and these ones look a lot like them.
    22. Pack your lunch in this cute resuable bag. It looks like a little handheld clutch purse.
    23. I love this colour shoe and they have a low block heel which makes them perfect. They are also part of the extra 30% off sale at Madewell.
    24. These turquoise and leopard sunglasses are super fun and only $38.
    25. A Mongolian Lambs wool pillow in one of my favourite colours.
    26. And finally some really amazing dinner plates from Anthro. I kind of wanted everything from there.

Does anyone else want to leave with the whole store when they are in Anthro?

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