What I Wore This Week

Striped sweater, boyfriend jeans, Adidas beanie
Kimono shirt, mickey mouse t-shirt, cropped jeans, sock boots

leopard print jacket, beanie, elevator selfie


ganni yellow banana shirt, Levis, oversized blazer, loafers

Outfit 1 – Striped sweater | Jeans | Adidas Superstar | Black Beanie |
Outfit 2 – Kimono shirt (similar) | Mickey Mouse T-shirt | Cropped Jeans | Sock Boots | Purse | Watch |
Outfit 3 – Jacket (similar) | Cardigan | Grey Beanie | Merle’s Jacket | Purse |
Outfit 4 – Banana T-shirt | Oversized Blazer (similar) | Jeans | Loafers | Purse | Gold Watch |


I’m reflecting since January is almost over, and I am proud to say that I didn’t buy anything new this month (I don’t think, so correct me if I am wrong). A few second-hand pieces came home with me but nothing that totalled more than $15-$20. It wasn’t an intentional spend free month, more of like a necessity but it was still worth noting and something I should do more often. Now my window shopping game was stronger than ever but that was because I knew I couldn’t buy it therefore it made me want it more 😉

Is it possible to not find something to watch on Netflix? I swear I just spent 45 minutes going through it and can’t find anything I want to watch. I’m feeling at a loss. Does Canadian Netflix have way less than American? I feel like it probably does the same way Amazon does.

Saturday was completely unproductive and yet I am still tired. I’m probably so tired from being completely unproductive but at 8:00 on Saturday night I was totally ready to go to bed which wasn’t actually possible. Instead I tried to plan out the week a bit so I can get ahead instead of just skating by. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been on the hunt of a cheaper grocery store in the area and I think I found one. At my usual place I spend $100 and still seem to have nothing to eat, while the new place I can almost double what I get for that cost. I don’t think I could ever be one that would comfortably shop at Whole Foods on a regular basis because it’s so bloody expensive we’d have to live off their free samples. They do have really good muffins though.

Today was spent at Ikea and I can honestly say, we left with only spending $50 which is a first. We went with a list and left with what was only on that list (which is also a first). We didn’t even stop for a 75 cent hotdog, but that was more because the lineup was huge than sticking to our list 😉

Have a great Monday guys!

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  1. that is so me, lol. i scroll through netflix for a good half hour, not finding anything worth my time. then i start getting irritated that i could have spent that time watching an episode of some show, or at least tried to get almost halfway through a movie. it’s a losing battle!

    • It’s so frustrating. I usually end up rewatching either Friends or Sherlock for the millionth time. They really need to get Seinfeld on there.

  2. I’m with you and Lisa. I personally can’t stand 99 percent of the original programming on Netflix. For me it’s pretty much dystopic and depressing. And I spent as much time as you two trying to find something else. If it doesn’t change up soon, I may be talking to K about letting Netflix loose.

    • Totally depressing. Tom currently works on the set of one of the Netflix originals that they film here. I’ve never watched it though which probably makes me a bad wife 😉

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