Weekly Reads and Finds

Weekly Reads and Finds sales and discounts

I find that I spend a lot of time looking online for things that catch my eye, good deals, wish list items and things that we made or I made need. I have the tendency to save them all of them to various favouriting and bookmarks sites. What I end up with is just a huge list of items that continue to grow and that no one sees but me so this week I decided that I might start compiling things that I gather through the week into a collage at the top of this post. As for the best deal of this week, Tom found a pair of Frye Harness boots in his size at Value Village for $20. That was the best deal in a long time. They are like this in the brown colour. I can’t believe his luck sometimes.


Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

Weekly Finds:

  1. My jacket is on sale. I love this one and it has been worn a million times.
  2. This H&M hanging picture frame would look great in a place that doesn’t have a lot of room to put pictures.
  3. Gap Super High Rise Cone Denim® Button-Fly Straight Jeans in Destructed. the cut and colour of these jeans remind me so much of the vintage 501 button fly. I really want to try these on……and they are on sale.
  4. H&M loafers that resemble everyone’s favourite Gucci 😉 But for only $29.99.
  5. Madewell bralette in a fabulous colour. I’m looking to expand from my basic black bras that I rotate daily.
  6. Topshop Utility button midi skirt that is perfect for spring.
  7. Alex and Ani Harry Potter Glasses Wrap Ring is something both me and the girls would enjoy. They have a few styles and colours to choose from.
  8. Anthropologie Serpentinite Teapot is just too cool not to share. I love teapots and this one is too chic.
  9. H&M Metal Pot plant is a nice touch when you are looking to freshen up the place a bit. A great price too.
  10. Sophie Anderson Nilsa circle toquilla-straw cross-body bag. I have a thing for circle purses right now and this one is gorgeous with the green accent, but it’s expensive. This one and this one are a much more inexpensive version.
  11. MANGO Knit striped sweater because stripes are always a good idea.
  12. Island Rope Hammock Chair if I could find a way to attach this to my ceiling without ripping down the roof and we had more room, I would totally have one of these. It is a fantastic price too.
  13. Madewell The Raquel Pump in Leather. I love these so much. The block heel and the colour and gorgeous.
  14. Gap Crop stripe wide leg pants. Perfect for summer, on my Wishlist, and on sale for $30.
  15. Target Room Essentials Wire Milk Crate. Perfect for getting yourself organized and on sale.
  16. Express striped plaid fringe blanket scarf. They are having a clearance sale right now where you can still find some great cold weather pieces.
  17. H&M Cushion Cover with Motif with a cool zodiac star print for only $5.99.
  18. Marks And Spencer Leather Stitch Detail Gloves in a pretty purple, but they also have an ochre colour that I think I love more.
  19. Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients Quick and Easy Food. I am dying to get this book. My goal is to cook healthier and I would love to be able to do it without having to buy a million ingredients. I love his restaurant so I know I would love these recipes.
  20. Madewell Band Ring. I love the simplicity and look of a thick ring as a statement piece and this is gorgeous for a low price.
  21. Target Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Mini Colander – Sage Green. I’m totally on the market for a new colander and I love this colour green. It is one of my favourites, especially for kitchen ware.
  22. H&M Soft Throw because who doesn’t want a soft throw. It also comes in grey.
  23. Coconuts by Matisee Santorini Sandal. I’m thinking about summer with these. They also come in white.
  24. H&M Cardigan with Tie Belt. I included this piece in a packing list a while back and I still love it. It’s on sale now for around 50% off.
  25. H&M Large Storage Basket. The perfect size and look to keep on the floor next to the couch.
  26. Nespresso De’Longhi Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule Espresso/Cappuccino Machine. Tom has one of these at work and is always talking about how amazing it is. I think he is trying to convince me that we need one 😉

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh man, this is so awesome! I love how you put the visual together…and those clothes…and the other fun stuff. I hope you have a great weekend, Sara. I’ll be spending a bit of time perusing this fun stuff, then painting a vanity. Cheers, Ardith

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it Ardith. I’m not always sure when I try something new, but I figured that I find a million things and deals weekly so I might as well share it with people who appreciate that kind of thing. Have fun painting!

  2. i do the same thing, i’ve got a million tabs open on my laptop at any given time, plus i’ve got lists written all over my notebook of items i’m lacking or packing lists for future trips! i add stuff to shopping bags online without actually checking out, but my husband thinks i’m crazy for my version of “window shopping”. gaps having an extra 50 % off sale at the moment, and bloomingdales is having a home sale today as well, and they have a crazy good deal on a nespresso bundle; seriously, 70 % off. i was so tempted but we already have 2 coffee makers and a french press.

    • Hahaha! It sounds so much like me. My husband’s always like, “if your computer is lagging close some damn tabs.” Ummm no way. That’s sacrilegious 😉 I also have a million notes scrawled everywhere. I get immense satisfaction jotting it all down on paper. My desk is complete disorder and chaos but yet there is still an organized system only I understand.

  3. Hey Sara! I love the new idea. I also have fafillion tabs open and I try to save it to various locations. Any good system you suggest? none so far have worked for me. I tried saving in bookmarks, evernote, using Google save to inbox but then everything gets lost in the shuffle. I love the layout you did but that looks like it took WORK.

    • It can be a little work 😉 but once you get the gist of navigating photoshop and such it isn’t too bad. The two bookmarking sites I use most are Pinterest (secret boards) and Pocket. Between the two I can pretty much save anything. There is an app called instapaper that I use more for articles I want to read later but I don’t use that as often as the other two.

      • Awesome thanks! I use Pinterest but then that gets overwhelming. Have no clue how you do it all!

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