What to Pack for Vienna, Austria

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White Graphic Tee | Black Turtleneck | Tie Neck Blouse | *Tunic | Black Sweatshirt | Striped Sweater | Grey Sweater | Leopard Print Sweater | Cardigan | Blazer | Casual Denim | Dark Denim | Black Pants | Dress | Winter Coat | Grey Scarf | Burgundy Scarf | Knit Hat | Sunglasses | Winter Boots | Moto Boots | Sneakers | Black Purse | Crossbody |


I know I said that I wasn’t doing any more packing list requests that take place for Christmas for this year, but someone wrote and asked me if I could reconsider to help them out. I had already started one that was a similar idea so I just added some winter gear and switched up some colour choices. This request is for a 3 week trip to Austria, but they will also be venturing into Northern Italy, as well as Switzerland. The bulk of the trip will be in Vienna.

When I think of Austria I think of the Sound of Music (which is one of my most favourite movies ever and I am totally disappointed in myself that I haven’t watched it yet this season.) That will be rectified immediately. The three weeks run from just before Christmas all the way through to the middle of January. They have access to washing and will be doing a lot of touring by foot which is why I included a pair of Sorels. They will keep her feet warm, dry, and comfortable while walking around outside for hours.

They want to get there early enough that they will be able to enjoy a few days at the Christmas markets, spend Christmas and New Years in the city, and then spend the rest of the time sightseeing around the other cities that are in their itinerary.

Layers, layers, layers. That is the key to any vacation in colder weather. A warm winter jacket, sweaters, and things that can be layered over and under sweaters. I have been on a turtleneck kick lately. I don’t know if that is my age coming out or if I am finally seeing the classic appeal, and versatility of them. A fitted black turtleneck looks amazing paired with a jeans or skirt, and also layered under sweaters, dresses, and blazers. They are also extremely practical for cold weather.

To top off the list you should pack a warm knit hat, some warm scarves, gloves/mitts, and sunnies (sun reflecting off snow or ice is very bright). You may also want to pack some fleece leggings to layer under your pants, and dresses.

How is your Christmas shopping coming along? Merle’s birthday is Thursday so we have a pretty full weekend planned so I am glad my shopping is done.

*The “tunic” I included is labelled as a dress but it seems short to me and would look better layered over pants (at least in my opinion). It also has pockets which gives it more of a tunic vibe to me than dress.

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    • It’s gorgeous. The colours are so rich and lush. A definite different look to a traditional parka style.

  1. Totally going to use this for going home from college! It may only be to Maine, but I already own a lot of this stuff and it will make packing a lot easier!

    • It’s really easy to apply this concept to every trip with a few changes for each destination. Have a great holiday back home in Maine!

    • Thanks! I love Sorels too. I actually just got a new pair that I am going out to test out right now 😉

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