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Camel coats, oversized sweater, leather leggings, Adidas, and Whole Foods

This grainy photo from last night was from when I made a late night dash to Whole Foods (see red circle) to pick up muffins. I am addicted, so if you get the chance to try the Sweet Potato and Marshmallow muffins from there do it. They are amazing.

Did you see the DIY that I posted yesterday? While the photography and layout isn’t great, the whole project wasn’t an epic fail which I call a win.

Ever since Roo saw this pin, she has wanted to replicate it at home. I found him online and I totally want to buy him to surprise them I just don’t know where the hell we’d put him. I don’t know if they would be 100% on board of getting rid of our regular tree in favour of this 😉

Weekly Reads (and maybe videos):

  • This library is officially on my bucket list. I can imagine sitting there for hours at a time. This is one reason that I don’t like living in such a new country. You miss out on wonderful things like this.
  • These Maps of Britain and Ireland’s ancient tribes, kingdoms and DNA are so interestingEver since I found out that I have such deep roots from the UK and it covers about 65% of my DNA I find I have serious interest in the area. I did before too but even more so now. It kind of makes me realize why I had such a draw here to begin with.
  • Did you know that The Smithsonian has a Tween Tribune (and a Smithsonian Junior, and Teen Tribune)? I didn’t either but now I have this site bookmarked for us to check out frequently.
  • I’m not going to lie. This Lasagna Roll looks so damn good. I may have to attempt to make it soon.
  • Here is a trip down memory lane. And also an annoying song to get stuck in to your head. Your welcome 😉

Weekly Finds:

  • Ugh why is J.Crew so expensive? I know they have sales constantly and people have told me never to pay full price there because they are constantly having sales. Anyway, I adore this coat. This is my favourite shade of green. This is for when you love striped shirts but you don’t want them all to look the same. Also, how did I not know that they have clothes for kids?
  • Lord + Taylor is having and extra 15% off with the code LTDAYS. Is it weird that I want a rain slicker? It comes in that green I like I would just worry that I would be too Christmasy with my red rainboots 😉
  • H&M is having up to 50% off select tops (sweaters and jackets are in the list too). I love this wrap cardigan (It comes in brown too), and camel coloured turtleneck sweater. This leopard coat is amazing….I know because I tried it on 3 days ago. And if you are going to any holiday christmas parties I have found the perfect Christmas sweater. I looks and feels like gold garland. It’s fab.
  • Ann Taylor is having 50% off wear now styles and and up to an extra 50% off sale. This skirt is super cute and a great deal. I can picture wearing it with a vintage band tee, and checkered blazer (I have a thing for mixed prints right now). These print pants are cute too (and would wear with the same as above and maybe my new loafers) and with an extra 50% the price is great.
  • Anthropologie is having an extra 40% off sale. This tunic is gorgeous. I’d either half tuck it or loosely tie it on the side. A galaxy print kimono, or a brocade floral belt are like a statement piece additions to an outfit.
  • Remember the episode of Friends where Rachel was buying stuff from Pottery Barn but had to lie because Phoebe hated Pottery Barn? She kept saying it was from Colonial times, or times of yore. It was hilarious. Anyway Pottery Barn is having up various deals in different departments with the percentages of ranging from 20% – 40%. I am a faux fur throw addict and they have a huge selection of them. I’m fairly certain this is for Halloween but I think I might need it just because.


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