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Glasgow Outfit Ideas

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Are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? I find I gravitate to coffee because I need all the caffeine I can get but I don’t find myself savouring the taste.

Mid afternoon or at night when I no longer need a caffeine hit (who am I kidding? I need caffeine all day) I sit and enjoy a cup or two of tea.

When I order hot drinks from coffee shops, it’s always a tea beverage (Starbucks Early grey latte, also know as London Fog is my favourite). Even my favourite mugs are tea oriented (Lionel and Mr. T).

I wish there was a way to get the same energy and alertness from tea as from coffee. That is my late evening ramblings, as I am drinking tea. I also have a coupon for Hello Fresh food service. Has anyone used it before? Is it worth it?

This Glasgow outfit idea post is a continuation of last post and includes 24 outfit options to go with the Glasgow packing list. So if you are looking for Scottish outfit ideas then this may be for you.

The trip (not for me) is for a couple who will travel Scotland in December to visit a family, (or soon to be family). I noted that December weather is coldish (6°C) with wind and rain and I included ample sweaters, items that layer easily, and waterproof boots to cover this.

I also mentioned that if rain boots aren’t your thing, (I just include them because they are what I have for waterproof boots in my wardrobe)  there are many more stylish and comfortable travel shoe options out there.

Sorel has a great low boot, and Sperry has some really good options too, like their infamous duck style boot.

I’m a planner. Like, right down to the last detail type of planner because I have trouble flying by the seat of my pants.

I thrive off to-do and checklists because it makes me feel organized and productive. I think that is why I enjoy doing these lists.

I like to plan, coordinate, and put things together. Puzzling outfits or making travel capsule wardrobes is a fun challenge for me. So when you see all these lists, no I am not one of those lucky people who get to travel all the time.

In fact whenever we do get money saved for a vacation something always comes up where we have to dip into the “vacation fund”.

I think this is more the norm than not although it gets really frustrating at times I’m sure people can relate to that. I just wanted it to be known that, not all of these clothes are mine (some pieces may reflect what I own though), and these trips are not mine.

People just ask for some guidance, ideas or whathaveyou to help them figure out how they can pack for a vacation, so they have minimal items, but plenty of options. Sometimes all it takes it an outside perspective to see what you have differently 🙂

I enjoy helping people even though sometimes I get backlogged and swamped with requests and emails. It truly is something that I enjoy.

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Scotland Outfit Ideas

What to Pack for Glasgow, Scotland Packing Light List Outfit Options 1-12 Scotland Packing List | Scotland travel outfits | Scottish vacation | packing light | Europe packing list | livelovesara | travel capsule Wardrobe


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  1. Most excellent job with the outfits, as expected. Mr. K and I feel you when it comes to actual vacationing, versus budgeting/planning/imagining. LOL, I’m so like you when it comes to being organized, making lists, et al. They make me happy. On the other hand, over the years I’ve become better at being spontaneous. If I can be both spontaneous and prepared…I’ve hit the jackpot. Cheers, Ardith

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