What I Wore This Week

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

What I Wore This Week #wiw #ootd #livelovesara

Outfit 1- Leather Jacket • Zara (similar) | T-shirt • H&M | Jeans • H&M | Sandals • Esty | Purse • Zara (similar, similar) |
Outfit 2 – Leather Jacket • Zara (similar) | Dress • Zara (similar, similar) | Shoes • Vans |
Outfit 3 – Leather Jacket • Zara (similar) | Lace Peplum shirt • Zara (similar, similar) |
Outfit 4 – Jacket • Zara (similar, similar) | Poison T-shirt • Vintage* (similar, similar) | Jeans • H&M | Shoes • Steve Madden |
Photo 5 – New thrifted shoes: A pair of Classic Vans slip-ons, and a pair of Adidas that I can’t figure out what style of. I think they may be a vintage. They look like a cross between the Vintage country (new country OG), the Samba, and the bottom part of a vintage Adidas German wrestling shoe.


I hate making regular, run of the mill posts after horrible shit has happened in the world. It seems so tasteless, so I want it to be known that I was/am just as shocked, saddened, angry, and devastated at what happened Saturday night in London as everyone else. I can’t accept that this is our new normal. It’s so messed up.

I caught a summer cold from my kid. They really are little germ machines and I can’t believe I am sick again. On Saturday we had another successful thrifting day. In Value Village we found an Ikea  Ektorp ottoman with built-in storage for $12. The cover on it was beige and really dirty but it completely removable, so we went to Ikea and picked up a new cover in grey (the darker the better here) and now it looks like new. While the cover was 3x as much as the footstool cost us we ended up getting the ottoman for less that 1/3 of what a new one would have cost and we wanted one anyway. (For some reason the Ikea links aren’t working on mobile.)

Tom has the tendency to steal my stories or ideas and then relay them back to me like they are his or he heard them elsewhere :/ Weeks ago I told him that I wanted to get rid of our kitchen table and get a drop-leaf style from to save on space. I showed him the picture of the one I wanted. When we were at Ikea on Saturday he showed me the table that I had previously showed him and proceeded to tell me how perfect it would be for the condo. I was like, “seriously?” At least he agrees with me right? 😉

Roo ended up getting a new duvet cover for her bed. I’m not sure why she liked this one, maybe it’s the vampire guy or the little cat with steam punk goggles. Whatever the reason she thought it was great. There were some really cute new textiles right now for both kids and adults, with great prices. We couldn’t get Merle’s yellow shelf yet even though I tried, because there was no room in the suv due to Tom’s work crap being in the back of it. It’s a good excuse to go back because we kind of rushed through, and it would be nice to spend a few leisurely hours there in a less busy time of day. I hate being herded along with the crowds like sheep.

I’ve probably mentioned how Merle can’t talk quietly. When we were at Value Village they had a huge chalk-like drawing on the wall of a family holding hands and walking in the sun (family being mom, dad, daughter, son, and dog) and for some reason this pissed her off. She decided she would say really loudly (but her normal voice), “not every family has a son you know!…….Or a dog!…….And not every day is sunny!” Then she walked off in a huff. She gets the drama from Tom.

*On Instagram I told the story of this vintage Poison t-shirt (up in the 4th photo) which  was given to me from a former employee. Back in 2004 I was pregnant with my first and going through a rough emotional time. He knew that I loved vintage band tees and brought me this one to cheer me up. It really meant a lot to me then and still does now.

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